The Fitbit Blaze vs Charge 2 (2016 Models): Does New Equal Better? You Decide

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Fitibit’s newest device, the Blaze, is causing quite a stir in the fitness world, and rightfully so as it is unlike anything Fitbit has done in the past. With an innovative, high-end design and tracking features that rival more expensive devices, it is an exceptional tracker that can truly elevate how you exercise. However, despite all it has to offer, not ever many believe Fitbit’s Charge 2 (2016 model) is just as good, if not better.

Compare Fitbit Blaze vs Fitbit Charge 2

To settle the debate and help you figure out which one is right for you, we’ve put together this comprehensive Fitbit Blaze vs Charge 2 review. We will provide you with an overview of each, along with a side-by-side comparison so you can see how they match up and what they can do for you.

Fitbit Charge 2 (2016 Mode) Heart Rate Fitness Wristband ($40 off Special Holiday Deal): Form, Function and Finesse

The Charge 2 is one of Fitbit’s best sellers, with a slew of features that transform your workouts, in particular because of Smart Track. Smart Track improves not only the quality of your routine, but the intensity and variety of them as well, which is why it is so popular with runners and sports enthusiasts. Sleek and easy to use, it has a wide array of features that make it a viable alternative to the Blaze.

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Summary of the Comparison between Blaze and Charge 2 Here:

  • Display Size
  • Color Screen
  • Touchscreen
  • Steps, calories, distance
  • Clock
  • Sleep quality & silent alarm
  • Floors climbed
  • Caller ID
  • SMS / Text Message
  • Email & Calendar Notification
  • Continuous Heart Rate
  • GPS
  • Water Resistence
  • Water-Proof
  • Price
  • 1.25"
  • ConnectedWorking with your phone
  • NO
  • $$$$
  • 0.8"
  • Very important feature for me.
  • ConnectedWorking with your phone
  • NO
  • $$$

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Let’s look at its features and benefits:

Design: featuring a flexible and light elastomer band and a sharp OLED display it is comfortable and shows all your stats with a simple swipe. No need to go online of you don’t want to to see how you’re doing.

Regulate and Relax Breathing: The Relax mode give you breathing exercise to calm down on the go.

Smart Track: like the Blaze, the Smart Track option lets the Charge 2 record your movements and motions for specific activities and then recognizes them. When you enable Smart Track you get more accurate, live statistics, another great feature for those looking to do more.

Fitbit Charge 2 A Couple in Kitchen Lifestyle

Pure Pulse Technology: The Charge 2 uses Pure Pulse technology, which enables it to monitor heart rates around the clock. Using a wrist-based sensor, it reads heart rates throughout the day and analyzes it so you can get a picture of your overall health.

Combined with sleep monitoring, it gives you great insight into how on point your routine is and how effective it is in helping you reach your goals. This is good for those who need to see how they perform.

Smart Notifications: with this device you get alerts when someone calls, so you can run as far as you want and still be in touch when you need to. It gives parents peace of mind and helps busy business workers exercise when they can.

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Fitbit Blaze: The New Face of Smartwatches

The Blaze is the newest smartwatch on the market and “smart” is the key word when describing it. From a bold, fashion-forward look to never before seen technological features, the Blaze is the quintessential workout companion for fitness and fashion-minded people.

It was designed to make exercise not just easier, but a priority and it accomplishes all that and more. If you want or need to lose weight this is the device for you.

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While it has enhanced smart notifications, it’s real merit comes from the way it makes you focus on fitness. In addition to 24/7 tracking and sleep monitoring the Blaze has the following features and benefits:

Design: sporting a first-ever color touchscreen, the Blaze has multiple bands, including leather and stainless-steel, putting it on par with Misfit, Apple and other stylish devices.

Pure Pulse Technology: The Blaze has Pure Pulse technology to track heart rate when active and resting, but they’ve improved the sensors for more accurate readings, which is great for anyone monitoring their health or serious about fitness.

Using optical sensors, it continually tracks heart rate when moving and idle. As a result, you can see with pinpoint accuracy your overall cardiovascular health, for enhanced performance numbers that reflect your movements.

Click the Image to Download the Fact Sheet Here.

Fitbit Blaze Fact Sheet

Smart Track: This is one of the Blaze’s best features and it’s quite impressive. Smart Track is an exercise recognition feature, so your device can record your activities even if you are not logged in.

It automatically recognizes activities (running, hiking, basketball, soccer, and tennis) and records according to movements for those activities. This is great if you tend to forget to program your device or don’t want to be hassled with always having to.

FitStar App: The FitStar app is a cool, new feature, one that turns your device into a personal coach. The FitStar app is built right into your device, which means you don’t need a phone or any other device to access it.

The app gives you on-screen access to 3 different sets of exercises and instructions on how to perform them. This is a big plus for beginners or those who need a push because it helps motivate you and keep you on track. It’s like having a trainer right on your wrist- so there’s no reason not to get in-shape.

Enhanced Idle Alert: in addition to all these new add-ons Fitbit also improved many of their standard features, like idle alert. The new and improved idle alert really helps to make you active and get you moving all day long.

Before, you would get a silent buzz to move after a set amount of time of being inactive and just had to get up and walk a few steps. Now, the Blaze quietly alerts you every hour until you move- and will keep buzzing until you walk at least 250 steps. This is great and makes it easier than ever for you to get in your daily activity.

Fitbit Blaze is a fashion and lifestyle for women

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Smart Notifications Upgrade: while the Blaze has text and phone notifications, it also has a way to silence them- just one more way of helping you concentrate on your workout. With this feature you can be notified of incoming calls when you need to and exercise without interruption when you don’t.

This feature works well for moms and dads who need to exercise and keep close for their kids.

Plus you can remote control your music player on your phone. How cool is it when you work out along with your favorite music?

The Fitbit Charge 2 versus Blaze: What They Have in Common

The Charge 2 and the Blaze are 2 very different devices in terms of looks, but they do share some features that can make a difference in deciding between the two. Let’s review what they have in common:

• Both provide you with Pure Pulse technology so you can monitor heart rate day and night. The Blaze’s is a bit more advanced, but they both get the deal done.

Fitbit Charge 2 is more affordable comparing to Blaze Fitness Watch.

Each has Smart Track, so you can automatically track various exercise routines like Walking, Cardio, Biking etc, ideal for anyone who wants real-time stats that are more accurate than other devices.

• Each has the ability to show you the steps statics, and send you notifications when you get incoming calls, but the Blaze gives you the added choice of turning it off, so no interruptions when you’re getting in your work out.

• The Blaze and Charge 2 do not have GPS, but they can be synced with the GPS on your phone. Although carrying your phone can be a bit of a bother, for serious runners it makes the Surge a viable option.

The Key Differences between Blaze and The Charge 2

Now that you see how similar they are, let’s compare their differences in key areas:

Design and Look-and-Feel

The Blaze has Fitbit’s signature elastomer band and a slim, octagon shaped frame, and rectangle color touchscreen. The device also has several other colored bands as well as leather and stainless-steel bands, perfect for a night out. The screen is clear and vibrant for easy reading and it has a stylish overall look.

The Charge 2 has several colored bands for exchange and an OLED screen with minimal glare. The bands are comfortable and move with your wrist, so they are easy to wear around the clock.

Both are adjustable and can be fitted to your wrist.

For designing the edge goes to the Blaze. The color screen and multiple bands give it a distinct edge and allows it to be worn in more settings. If you go from work to the gym and then out this is a distinct edge.

Core Features

The Blaze has several great features, most notably the FitStar app with multiple coaching modes. This gives you a wide range of exercises to choose from and makes exercise accessible and more approachable. Combined with the enhanced Pure Pulse and idle alert, it really makes a difference when it comes to weight loss.

The Charge 2 has sleep and heart monitoring, for accuracy when exercising. However, it lacks the extra motivating features of the built-in FitStar app to make you move.

In this area we give the Blaze the edge, as the coaching features and added alerts are essential to helping you lose weight.


The Blaze’s battery can last for up to 5 days on a single charge, while the Charge 2 lasts up to 5 days.

For those who don’t want to constantly charge their device, or are too busy to remember, Charge 2 is the more low-maintenance option.

Water Resistant

Both the Blaze and Charge 2 are water-resistant, but not water-proof. So you can wear them when you are exercising, but not in the shower or pool.


The Blaze comes in at $199, while the HR goes for around $150, making it the more affordable option.

What To Consider When Buying a Activity & Fitness Tracker

Before you buy either device you need to think about why you need one and how you want to use it to choose the best one. Here are some things to consider:

How active you are?

If you don’t exercise much, or don’t know how to start then you want a device that can guide you, like the Blaze. On the other hand, if you are active and want something simple but effective you may want the Charge 2.

What exercises do you want to do?

If you like to do a lot of different activities you want a unit like the Blaze, which is made for multiple sports. If you prefer standard exercises or working out indoors then check out the Charge HR.

Do you need a fashion piece?

If you need a tracker that can go from work to a night out look at the Blaze, which is quite versatile in that department. If you want something classic and simple, the Charge could be a great fit.

What is your budget?

If the price is a factor you should be happy with either device, as they are both quite affordable thanks to all the Fitbit discounts currently available.

The Blaze, Charge HR vs Charge 2 – Which one should I get?

For those really looking to save, you can also look at the Charge HR, the earlier version of the Charge Series. It has all the same features as the HR, minus Smart Track and continuous heart-rate. While that may not appeal to more serious-minded workout enthusiasts, at under $100 it is more than enough for everyday workouts.

When looking at the Charge 2 and the Blaze there are lots to consider. Lifestyle factors play a pivotal role, as all the bells and whistles mean nothing if they don’t fit your needs. That is why despite all the extras that come with the Blaze it is not the clear-cut winner when choosing between the 2 devices.

The Charge 2 2016 is simple, but effective in helping you track, analyze and monitor your health and weight loss goals, making it a smart choice for those who are on a budget or not in need of added guidance. Conversely, the Blaze is ideal for those who need an extra push or want help exercising properly. It is designed with an enhanced screen, coaching guides and is also the more stylish of the two, making it a hit with fashionistas.

In the end, when it comes to the Fitbit Blaze and Charge HR comparison it all comes down to what makes you happy. Whether you want something that looks as innovative as it performs or like a no-nonsense, practical device, the choice is yours. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that you will see results, as the one thing both devices Fitbit Charge 2 or Fitbit Blaze have in common is the ability to make exercise and healthy living a staple in your life. So choose the one that’s best for you and start getting “fit”.

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