Fitbit Blaze versus Fitbit Alta Comparison 2016: 2 Beauties That Are Designed To Impress

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Fitbit just unveiled its newest device, the Alta, a sleek, fashion-forward device that has everyone buzzing. With it’s fresh new look and prime tracking features it is another winner for Fitbit and their consumers. The only question is: is it the best choice or is Fitbit’s other new device, the Blaze, the better option. It’s a valid question because while both perform well, they differ in both looks and how they function, so it’s important to compare them both before buying.

Fitbit Blaze versus Alta Comparison

To help you do that we’ve come up with this Fitbit Blaze vs Fitbit Alta review guide. It will give you a rundown of what each device offers and compare their main features side-by-side, so you can get the best “fit” for you.

Fitbit Blaze – New Buzz 2016

Like the Alta, the Blaze is also quite eye-catching, with some high-end tracking features that put it on par with the Apple Watch. Featuring some never before seen technology, improved sensors and new tracking features it really gives you the best of both worlds, but at a higher price.

The Blaze has a wide elastomer band and octagon-shaped face, giving it a crisp, classy look that works at work and at home. It can also be customized, thanks to interchangeable stainless-steel and metal bands, and a display that can also be adjusted in terms of size and fonts.

In addition to how great it looks, it also has superb functionality, featuring:

  • PurePulse Heart Rate: The Blaze is fitted with Pure Pulse technology to track heart rate when active and resting, but they’ve improved the sensors for more enhanced readings readings. Using optical sensors, it monitors 24/7, analyzing every beat.This is good because you can see your overall cardiovascular health and well-being, for enhanced performance and execution when you exercise.
  • Smart Track: With Smart Track the Blaze takes exercise to the next level, automatically recognizing activities (running, hiking, basketball, soccer, and tennis) and recording those stats specifically.
  • FitStar App: A new feature, the built-in FitStar app is a feature everyone will love. With this app you can access 3 different sets of exercises right from the touchscreen – no phone needed.

    This is a big help and lets you see step by step how to perform exercises and also helps motivate you, which is a big plus to losing weight. This feature works well for moms and dads who need to exercise and keep close for their kids or business people working out during the day.

Fitbit Alta – Sleek Fashion Statement

Fitbit’s newest device is a beauty in terms of looks and function thanks to a stylish new design and some great tracking features – all at a great price. Unlike Fitbit’s other trackers, this one looks nothing like a typical tracker, with it’s slim, colorful bands and face.

fitbit alta fitness wristband

The bands are made of elastomer, but come in a wide range of colors, as well as other materials (like metal and leather), so you can really dress it up or down according to your mood or occasion. The face features a colored, OLED tap screen, so you can pull up stats with a flick of the wrist- making it pretty and convenient.

As for tracking features, there are not as many as other devices, but the ones it does have are more than enough, including:

SmartTrack: This auto-recognition program is a big help organizing and recording workouts- minus the hassle. With SmartTrack the Alta automatically recognizes and moves or routines you do and records accordingly, so you can work out and get stats without having to set for a specific activite.

Smart Alerts: It’s awesome to receive call and text notification when you are busy working out, in meetings, or finishing tasks in office on it, so you don’t need to pull out your phones somewhere.

Compare Alta & Blaze: What They Have in Common

Fitbit Alta is your health coach and buddy

Now that you see what each has to offer, let’s compare how they are alike. To start, both are fun to wear, with innovative designs that make them look more like jewelry than trackers. Both can be customized in terms of colors and materials too, so as far as looks go, it’s really a matter of choice.

In addition, both track calories, distance and steps, so whether you’re a pro or a beginner it can tell you exactly how well you’re doing. Finally, both devices have SmartTrack, to recognize your workouts and keep track of them.

Fitbit Alta vs Blaze: Side-By-Side Competition

As you can see, these devices have a lot in common, but it is their differences that set them apart. Let’s do a side-by-side comparison of them in terms of main features to see what each can do:

Design (Bands & Display)

Fitbit Blaze Clock Face Design

While both are quite stylish and can be customized, they differ in looks. The Alta, with it’s slim, polished screen has elastomer bands in multiple colors (including peach, purple, blue and more) that is comfortable and allergy free.

There are stylish metal and leather bands available as well for an additional price.

The Blaze has a wider, watch style elastomer band and octagonal frame with colored touchscreen display, making it look like a high-end watch. It also has interchangeable bands in stainless-steel and leather, but they cost more than the Alta.

Both are great to get a personalized look, but the Alta is a sleeker and less expensive, so the advantage goes to it.

Blaze v.s. Alta Features

When it comes to features, the edge clearly goes to the Blaze. The Alta does basic tracking, sleep monitoring and has SmartTrack, giving you a well-rounded experience, but it lacks when compared to the Blaze.

The Blaze, with PurePulse heart monitoring, SmartTrack, FitStar and an enhanced idle alert, in addition to basic tracking and sleep monitoring has more to offer.

  • Display Size
  • Color Screen
  • Touchscreen
  • Steps, calories, distance
  • Clock
  • Sleep quality & silent alarm
  • Floors climbed
  • Caller ID
  • SMS / Text Message
  • Email & Calendar Notification
  • Continuous Heart Rate
  • GPS
  • Water Resistence
  • Water-Proof
  • Price
  • 1.25"
  • Very important feature for me.
  • PartialWorking with your phone
  • NO
  • $$$$
  • 0.61" width
  • NO
  • $$$

Yes, the Blaze costs more, but these features make it more than worth it.

  • Heart Rate Monitor: The Alta is not equipped with a heart rate monitor, which may not be a big deal if you are just looking for everyday stats.

    The Blaze has PurePulse, one of the best heart-monitoring systems around, giving you comprehensive stats and a way to monitor your health.

Again, with the added feature, the Blaze gets the advantage.

Smart Notifications

The Alta has call, text and calendar notifications, while the Blaze has call and text alerts, along with a way to silence them. In this area I give the Alta the edge because of the added calendar alert.

GPS – Track your Path

Fitbit Blaze Sport GPS

Neither device has GPS, although you can sync to your phone’s GPS with the Blaze, a bit of a letdown considering you have to carry your phone then.Here I give the Blaze the advantage because you can use GPS through the phone.

Overall, these 2 devices are a big step up from last year’s models. They are such a step forward as far as looks, with styles that are fun and make the devices custom. They also function on a higher level, with new features like the FitStar app and improved technology that put them in a class by themselves.

Water Resistant – Can I swim with it?

Both devices are water-resistant up to 5 ATM. This means you can sweat or splashed, but you can’t swim or take a shower with them. Here they are equal.

Price – Which one has Better Deal?

Fitbit Alta is a fashion statement for you

The Alta is budget-friendly under $130, with bands starting at $29 each, making it easy to change looks without breaking the bank.

The Blaze only costs about $200, a bargain considering all the features and how it looks. Bands cost $59 and up though, making it a bit expensive to change looks. The Alta is more affordable, but both are great values, so it’s really a matter of budget.

Customers Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these new Fitbit Water-proof?

They are water resistant, but not water-proof. One can’t swim with to be sure.

2. Can I swap and change the band?

Yes, they are and there are many different material to choose from like Leather and Metal replacement bands. Charge or Charge HR are not.

3. How often do I need to charge them?

5 full days without needing a charge. I would just charge them every 3 to 4 days to play it safe.

As you can see from our Fitbit Blaze or Fitbit Alta review both devices have a lot to offer. The Alta is fashion-minded, affordable and great for everyday tracking, making it a smart choice for beginners and those watching their money.

The Blaze is also fashion savvy and cutting-edge, with state-of-the-art technology that puts everything you need at your fingertips. Both get you “fit” which is what counts, so choosing is really all about you and what you need. Just know each is a quality device and will get you results, which is all that matters.

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