Fitbit Blaze Fitness Watch 2016 Review: Blazing New Fitness Trails

CES 2016 is going on first week of Jan; Fitbit’s press conference this morning officially started things off with a bang by announcing a new device: the Blaze. Intended to compete with the Apple Watch, it is sleek, stylish and elevates your workouts thanks to customizable fitness programs. the Blaze is meant to work with you, guiding you in a more personalized way towards a healthier lifestyle.

Our Fitbit Blaze review will breakdown how it looks, works and compares to similar models, as well as give you pricing and availability. Fitbit said they would be introducing something new and exciting- and as you’ll see, the Blaze is all that and more.

The Blaze: Blazing New Trails in Fitness Gadget Word

Fitbit Blaze Comes with all favorites

It’s been 1 year since we’ve seen a new device from Fitbit and it was well worth the wait after seeing the Blaze. With the ability to change how it looks as well as the ability to track, plan and execute it is Fitbit’s most versatile device yet. Unlike past models, the Blaze stands out due to an enhanced idle alert, coaching modes with built-in programs and GPS via your phone. They are available and shipping now, with the device set to roll out in March, and all for around $200- making it a must-have for anyone looking to get in-shape.

The Blaze: Key Features and Benefits

To truly understand what this new device can do, let’s take a look at its key features and benefits:

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Quality Display: there is a swipe-style interface, so you can move through your stats and Smart notifications quickly and easily, just like with your pc or phone.

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Fitbit Blaze Fact Sheet


Improved Tracking: the blaze has a more accurate sensor system, so it can track calories and heart rate more precisely. more importantly, it will alert you several times a day now to let you know your heart rate and how well you’re doing. Good for encouraging you as you go and keeping you on track.

Fitbit Blaze has all lineup brands

Custom Design: the Fitbit Blaze has a sporty/chic look with a polymer band and LED swipe style display, but there are different leather and color bands and other face plates that can be used to upgrade your look if you are wearing it to work or for a night out.

Enhanced Idle Alert: With this Fitbit, it’s not just enough to get up and move around if you are inactive for a while- no, the Blaze makes you do more. After you have been sitting for an hour it will quietly alert you until you get up and walk at least 250 steps.

This is a nice touch because it ensures you move and are productive- you give a real effort every time, which means you will shed pounds and be healthy.

More Hands-on Review Here:

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GPS: while there is no built-in GPS, you can use GPS with this watch through your smartphone. This gives you the benefit of having GPS, minus the additional cost.

Fitbit has a coaching mode

Coaching Mode: the Blaze has 3 pre-set coach modes, featuring sets of exercises to help you elevate your routine. This makes the Blaze more personalized and takes it beyond the normal tracking duties, giving you ideas and moves you can incorporate into your routine.

A great feature for beginners or those looking for more from their tracker.

Smart Notifications: you will get alerts when you get a call or text– but only if you want to. With the Blaze you can shut off notifications if you don’t want the distraction while your exercising.

Fitbit Blaze is a fashion and lifestyle for women

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Battery: this watch lasts for 5 days on a single charge, which is really good considering you can track, get notices and use GPS with it.

I travel to Yosemite with my Fitbit Blaze

Water Resistance: Unfortunately, this is a generic water-resistant, but not water-proof that all fans are asking for. Can’t swim with it as Surge.

Fashion: Blaze is your style and new fitness fashion. Activity Tracker is not boring anymore. Who says can’t have good looking with fitness?

What The Blaze Can Do For You

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With all these added features the Blaze truly makes exercising and living a healthier lifestyle easier because it tailors your experience to fit your needs. For instance, parent’s and those who work long hours will like that they can get notifications any time, while those looking for peace and quiet will appreciate the ability to turn the notifications off.

Fitbit Health Life Style

In addition, the enhanced heart rate monitor gives more precise readings, so you know just how effective your workouts are. Speaking of which, the coaching mode is a big add-in that you’ll love because it gives you workouts you can use- no more trying to figure out a routine or how to perform a move. It is like having a personal coach right on your wrist, which is a step up from other watches in this field.

Finally, it uses all these features, in combination with the idle alert to make sure you reach your goals. The Blaze is committed to making fitness your number one priority and the new idle alert proves it. Where other trackers just notify you to move, the Blaze takes it a step further and makes sure you move for an appropriate amount of time. This means you get the exercise you need every day.

The Blaze Versus Apple and Garmin

With the Blaze Fitbit has officially put their hat in the ring versus serious devices like the Apple Watch and Garmin. It more than holds it’s own with them in terms of tracking and accuracy, and is a bit more affordable too.

The one issue is the lack of a built-in GPS, which may be a problem for runners. However, with the ability to use GPS though your phone, it is a small inconvenience that can be overcome.

Blaze Summary

I run on my Fitbit Blaze around the lake and park.

As you can see from our Fitbit Blaze review this Blaze is sure to be a big hit with consumers thanks to it’s stylish, customizable design and function. It can change appearance as you go and goes above and beyond to help you get in-shape. With a myriad of enhanced functions, most notably coach mode and advanced idle alert it is a bargain at under $200 and can help anyone live better and look better.

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    • Ken L. says

      Chisel, it’s water resistant, but not water-proof. Anyway, I don’t wear my Fitbit in shower or swimming, to be sure. Raining or dish washing is ok for me.

  1. Laurence Carr says

    Very disappointed.
    1. Not waterproof
    2. No GPS

    Both huge misses in my book

    I was hoping for a waterproof Surge.

      • Laurence Carr says

        Ill stick to my Forerunner 910XT for running and my g-shock as a watch. Both waterproof. Also I couldn’t stand running with my iPhone to provide GPS. My 910XT does that fine.
        I wanted to combine devices and get the benefit of an all day wearable device to log activity. Shame.

        • Ken L. says

          Laurence, you do have great points. I know all runners just need a great GPS waterproof watch. Fitbit Blaze doesn’t fit the bill.

    • Ken L. says

      All Fitbit devices can count how many steps you have, and miles you have walked. With Blaze connected with a smart-phone (GPS enabled), you can even track the hiking route on the map.

  2. Laurie says

    No GPS, how disappointing !! Why !!! Who are the idiots that designs these things ?? Surely it can’t be that hard to ask people what they want.. I dont want to lug a smart phone around when im training. it’s too big and uncomfortable. and they’re only getting bigger.. I have been holding off hoping the Surge will have a better interface ie changable watch faces and would have been in. but instead they come out with the Blaze and take away the GPS.

    • Ken L. says

      Laurie, I can understand the disappointment? All of us wanna have more and lower price Fitbit in 2016? Why going backward with those new models?

  3. summer Doyle says

    Love my Blaze! Got it the 1st day it come out in stores. So far, no problems. I’m in the upper to 2 times a day, the outside activities hiking jogging walking. I sweat in it, I just dry it off with a towel. Let it dry while I’m in my truck. It good to go when I get out.

  4. Peter says

    Probably a nice watch to replace anything except the surge. There needs to be a better surge with a replacable screen and band. Sounds like waterproof would be good also. My surge is great but screen has broken and band is starting to tear away and is just 12 months old. I wear it everywhere except in the water and love the ease of activating and using the GPS and all the features.

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