Fitbit Back to School Sale Guide 2016: Why Fitbit Goes to the Head of the Class

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I don’t know about you, but for me, the school year is an exhausting one. Actually, just thinking about it is exhausting, and it’s no easier on my kids. Between juggling my work, their homework and a host of after-school activities, it’s a miracle we get through it (minus a few burnt dinners). It’s chaotic and unhealthy, which is why this year, I’m adding a Fitbit to my kid’s back to school shopping list-and you should too.

fitbit back to school sale and deals

You may not realize it, but a Fitbit device is an essential school tool, helping kids stay healthy and on track, which makes life a lot less hectic for everyone. My Fitbit Back to School buying guide will help you find the perfect device for you or your kids, and your wallet, so they can focus on their homework you can finally get through dinner without burning the house down.

Why Every Kid Needs a Fitbit

Here is what my back to school shopping list looks like (in order of importance):

  • Fitbit Tracker
  • Backpack
  • Laptop
  • Textbooks, Folders
  • Tape, glue, pens, pencils, markers

Now you may be shaking your head wondering why the tracker is first, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Your first instinct is to buy your kids a backpack or laptop first, and while they are both necessary, they are no more important than a Fitbit. While a backpack carries your kids’ books and a laptop helps them do homework, a Fitbit is what gives them the fortitude to handle all that.

Oh, and don’t tell your kids, but if you get one too, you can all do activities together and have friendly family competitions. Which keeps everyone in shape and is also a sneaky (and smart) way to get your kids to do more things with you.

Back to School Fitbit Sale Buying Guide

Now that you see why you should add a Fitbit to your back to school must-have list, let’s look at the different models and see which is the best “fit” for your kids:

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch (Your Kids Look Smart)

Fitbit’s newest model is jammed with features that any college kid will appreciate and get a lot of good use out of. And at just under $200, you’ll appreciate how easy it is on your wallet.

To start, it is fashionable and functional, with a sharp, octagon touchscreen face and interchangeable bands that make it look more like a watch than a tracker.

The bands come in different materials and colors , including leather, sport and stainless-steel options in a variety of shades, so it can go from work to play.

The big selling points though, lie in what this device can do, with innovative features that will jump-start their love of exercise. Not only does it use PurePulse technology for 24/7 heart rate monitoring, but it also has FitStar and Smart Track to help elevate and enhance routines.

FitStar is a built-in coaching program that teaches them how to perform certain exercise moves- so anyone can learn and get fit. Smart Track, meanwhile, recognizes activities and records stats for those specific activities- great for athletes looking to improve their stats.

Finally, the Blaze has a colored touchscreen for easy operation and is equipped with Smart notifications (sms, calendars, social media) and GPS (when connected via Bluetooth), so kids can keep track of their fitness levels and studies.

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker (Slim and Simple)

Stylish and economical, the Alta is the best value for your money at just under $120. With its sleek, fashion-forward design it is sure to be a hit with young adults, who are very conscious of trends and styles.

The Alta, just like the Blaze, has interchangeable bands that come in sport, leather and steel. However, it is much slimmer and looks more like a bracelet than a watch. The OLED screen is long and thin, for a futuristic look that eliminates glare and is easy to use.

The Alta also has Smart Track, so kids not only look good while exercising, but they can keep track of all their stats and improve their workouts where needed. Throw in 24/7 tracking and sleep monitoring, along with text notifications and it is easy to see why this is a good choice for teens.

Fitbit Charge HR Activity Wristband (with Heart Rate Monitor)

Priced about the same as the Alta, the Charge HR is great for kids just getting into fitness or parents who want a no-nonsense tracker.
The Charge HR is a proven winner for Fitbit, with it’s durable, sporty style and PurePulse technology. The band is strong and has a secure lock so it won’t break or fall-off, so kids can wear it without worry and dropping it.

It also has continuous heart rate and sleep monitoring, so kids, and you, know they are getting their daily exercise and the right hours of sleep. Finally, it has an on-screen time display so they make sure they are always on I time, making the HR a perfect choice for beginners and those on a budget.

Why Fitbit? A healthy and organized Kid

High School and College Students walking with FitbitA healthy kid is a smart kid and a Fitbit makes kids healthy. Whether your kids are in middle school or college, these devices make them more health conscious, keeps them on schedule and also in touch with you. It is never too early, or late, to teach kids about healthy living and Fitbit’s do just that.

They encourage kids to get in shape, tracking heart rates and alerting them to move while idle, which gets them into a regular fitness routine. It makes exercise fun, and a part of their daily routine- so it feels natural and they look forward to it.

They also help them make smarter eating choices and get the right amount and quality of sleep. There is an app to log calories and foods, so they can keep a diary of what and how much they eat. Great for kids and teens trying to stay fit. And the sleep monitor lets them know how long their sleeping, as well as how deeply they sleep, so you know if they are getting enough rest and can address any issues.

Plus, some of the newer models have calendar reminder and sms capabilities, which is great for teens and college kids. The calendar lets them know where and when they need to be and sms texting receives notification. I can’t begin to tell you how many grey hairs that feature alone has saved me.

As you can see from my Fitbit Back-to-School Sale Guide, these trackers can really help make the school year smooth and simple (well, except for Algebra). With great pricing and great features kids will appreciate, Fitbit’s go to the head of the class when it comes to school essentials.

They encourage fitness, healthy eating and sleeping and helps them stay on schedule, so they can look good and feel good. Bottom line is, Fitbit’s keep your kids, and you organized and connected– and that is always a good thing. Especially when it comes to dinner.

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