Fitbit Alta Versus Fitbit Charge 2 Comparison 2016: Fashion Takes on Fitbit’s Best

Fitbit Alta vs Charge 2 Comparison
Just when you think Fitbit can’t do anything more when it comes to fitness trackers they go and unveil their new model: The Fitbit Alta. Sleek, stylish and powerful, it just might be their best tracker yet, providing users with all day alerts and an innovative, fresh design that provides users with comfort and style.

Of course, you could say the same about the Charge, one of Fitbit’s top sellers, so which is better for you? To find out, we’ve compiled this Fitbit Alta vs Fitbit Charge guide to compare the two, feature by feature, to see which is the right one for you.

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Fitbit Charge 2: A Proven Winner (Holiday Sale 2016)

Fitbit Charge 2 Clock n Steps in Black
The Charge 2 is an impressive new addition to Fitbit’s tracker line, thanks to an ingenious blend of fashionable looks and ground-breaking new features that promote healthy living and motivates users on a variety of levels.

To Save you time, this is the comparison table between Charge 2 and Alta. Heart Rate Monitor is the key difference between two models.

  • Steps, calories, distance
  • Clock
  • Sleep quality & silent alarm
  • Floors climbed
  • Caller ID
  • Auto Exercise Recognition
  • Text Notification
  • Heart Rate
  • Price
  • $$
  • $$$

This new model reflects Fitbit’s commitment and understanding of what it truly means to be healthy, as it combines physical and mental preparations to get you feeling better.

Building on the popularity and smooth function of the original Charge, this new model has improved PurePulse heart rate tracking to give you minute-by-minute stats and readings. Among the new features and benefits associated with the Charge 2 are:

Sleek, Sturdy Design: The Charge 2 has a tap screen, oversized face (4X bigger than the original charge) and interchangeable bands and clock faces, making it look anything like a typical tracker.

The tap screen gives you instant access, and the larger size makes it easier for older users or those with eye issues easier to read. Plus, the different bands keep your look fresh and give you the option of wearing it at work or play.

”RELAX” Mode: One of the Charge 2’s most intriguing and impressive new features, thanks to the improved PurePulse, is Relax mode. This mode teaches you how to level and control your breathing, helping you to meditate, reduce blood pressure and let go of stress.

Consisting of 2 and 5-minute breathing sessions, the Charge 2 uses heartbeat visuals, vibrations and animations to teach you how to sync your breathing and heartbeats.

Snap Shot Cardio: Another great extra thanks to PurePulse is Snap Chat Cardio. With this feature you can get a snap shot, or instant picture of your fitness level and score using your user profile, heart rate and exercise data to determine your VO2 Max level.

This feature is ideal for helping to lose weight or make your current routine more challenging.

Fitbit Alta: You Get a Lot for a Little

fitbit alta fitness wristband

Fitbit’s latest offering, the Alta, is a unique blend of fitness motivation, modern design and smart notifications designed to give you everything you need to get “fit”. The purpose of any tracker is to motivate and guide you toward a more active lifestyle and the Alta delivers that ten-fold thanks to fun, encouraging features that will make fitness your top priority. Available starting in March (pre-orders accepted now), let’s look at what the Alta has to offer:

Modern Designing: The Alta uses Fitbit’s trademark elastomer band, but it is much slimmer and has a thin OLED tap display so you can see the time, notifications or stats instantly.

They also have other bands available, in multiple colors and materials, like metal and leather, to really give it a stylish look and different face style for true customization.

SmartTrack: One of Fitbit’s best features, SmartTrack, is built right into the Alta, so it can record and recognize your movements and routines. This makes monitoring your workouts easy and hassle free- no need to constantly input and update routines.

24/7 Activity & Sleep Tracking: The Alta tracks steps, calories, and distance around the clock, along with your sleep activity. It will analyze not only how long you sleep, but how well-rested you are too, so you can see your overall health and take steps to improve.

Smart Notifications: Fitbit keeps you in touch with text, call and calendar notifications so people can reach you- but only if you want them to. No social media notifications, which is actually a plus because there is less to distract you.

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Move Alert: The Alta alerts you when you’ve been idle for a while, reminding you to get up and get moving.

Fitbit Flex 2: Simple Brilliance (Under $100)

Fitbit Flex 2 Goal Progress in Magenta Check Price and Compare on Amazon
The Fitbit Flex 2 raises the bar on how an “affordable” tracker should look and perform, with features even some smartwatches don’t have. Designed to be worn on your wrist or around your neck like a necklace, there are luxury finishes that makes this part tracker and part statement piece.

And that’s just the beginning. This tracker is style and substance, as it is the only Fitbit that is water-proof, so you can swim with it or go running in the rain. Here is what the Flex 2 has to offer:

Simple, with a sleek Design: With a removable tracker and a variety of seven band colors and multiple materials, the Flex 2 can take you from the pool to a night out without skipping a beat.

Plus, the slim LED display uses simple, unobtrusive colored lights to alert you when you hit goals and keep you informed of incoming calls and notifications.

Luxury Accessories: Providing you with the ultimate in customization, the Flex 2 can be worn as a bracelet or a pendant.

With finishes in silver, gold or rose colored stainless steel and lariat style necklaces in the same finishes, no one will even know you’re wearing a tracker unless you want them to.

Swim-Proof, With Built-in Swim Tracking: Fitbit’s first-ever swim-proof tracker is water resistant up to 50 meters, so you can safely swim in a pool or ocean. It also automatically records lap times and repetitions via the Fitbit App.

Fitbit Charge 2, Flex 2 vs Fitbit Alta: A Side-By-Side Comparison Match

So before you decide whether or not the Alta or Charge is right for you, you need to see how they compare in a side-by-side analysis of all the key features. We’ll also compare the Flex so you have a full understanding of what each has to offer.

Design: Screens & Bands

The Charge 2 also has an elastomer band and comes in 4 colors: black, blue, plum, and teal, but it is larger and a bit sportier looking. There are stainless steel and leather options, but it has more of a watch-style look to it, so no wearing it to formal affairs.

As for the screen, it is a touch, OLED display, making it easier to pull up stats and readings.

Finally, the Alta beats the Flex 2 when it comes to the screen, sporting a touch OLED display like the Charge 2, for clear, crisp number in any light.

It is also similar to the Flex 2 in terms of overall style, as it has a bracelet type design. However, it comes in fewer colors and finishes then the Flex 2 and cannot be worn anywhere other than your wrist.

The Flex 2 is definitely the more appealing of the three, with it’s thin, jewelry-style band and slim face. The bands come in multiple colors, and there are even specially designed bands thanks to collaborations with Vera Wang and others.

There are mirrored, bangle style bands in stainless steel and 22k-plated gold and even pendant styles so you can wear it like a necklace, for true versatility.

A minimalistic LED screen allows you to see the time, stats, notifications and more.

Personally, being able to swap out bands or wear it around my neck is a huge plus, as it makes tracking more convenient and can be worn during any function.

Features: Which Has the Most To Offer – Alta or Charge 2?

Fitness Features: In this category the clear winner is the Charge 2. With interval training, multi-sport mode and GPS, it advances and transforms your workouts, allowing you to see real-time stats that are a true reflection of your activities.

It brings a flexibility to your program that is unparalleled and provides all the inspiration you need to get in shape.

I put the Flex 2 next, specifically because of its water-proof capabilities. As of now, swimmers have no real tracking option- this device changes all that and gives them a precise way to track as the swim.

The Alta is also a solid tracker. With SmartTrack, move alerts and sleep tracking it has the most to offer in terms of how it can push your routine to the next level. SmartTrack is invaluable, as it can record and recognize moves, making sure you get real-time stats, no matter what the activity.

Sleep Tracking: All three allow you to monitor your sleep, the difference being to what degree. The Alta tracks not just how long you sleep, but the quality, like if you are restless or not in a deep sleep. This is important because sleep quality shows how your body recovers and repairs after exercise.

The Charge 2 and Flex 2 also monitor sleep, but do not give an in-depth analysis like the Alta, making it the better choice if you want to see your overall health.

GPS: None of these devices have GPS, but you can use GPS with the Charge 2 by connecting via your Bluetooth, giving it a lead here.

Of course, given that the Charge 2 and Flex 2 are both new, at least one should have had GPS built-in like other brands do.

Heart Rate Monitor

The Charge 2 is the hands-down winner, with continuous PurePulse heart rate monitoring. It gives you live readings, to monitor work out progress and overall health. The Flex 2 and Alta both lack heart monitors.

Floors Climbed: Only Charge 2 can count how many floors you have stepped up or down, something that Alta and Flex 2 don’t offer.

Notifications: Of the three the Alta comes out on top here thanks to call, text and calendar notifications to keep you connected. The Charge 2 is second, with call and text messages, while the Flex 2 is last and still does not have notifications.


Only the Flex 2 is water-proof up to 50 meters, putting it in a class by itself. The Charge 2 and Alta are water-resistant up to 1 ATM, so you can wear them when you sweat. get caught in the rain, or shower, which is not too bad.

A Man Diving with Fitbit Flex 2 Lifestyle


Again, all three match up the same, with five days of battery life, so you won’t be hassled constantly re-charging.


While all three are budget-friendly, the Flex is the least expensive. Granted, it has less to offer, but if all you need is activity and sleep tracking this price can’t be beat.

With the Charge 2’s extra features, I think the higher price makes it a better value for your money – Heart Rate Monitor + GPS Connectivity, but either one is a good investment.

As our Fitbit Alta versus Charge guide shows, these are three exceptional devices that encourage weight loss and healthy living. The Charge 2 has a proven track record and gives you tracking made easy thanks to a user-friendly design and features that inspire.

The Alta also inspires, with enhanced fitness features like SmartTrack, which can transform your workouts, and your body. It also has an eye-catching design that makes wearing it fun and more personal. Either device is great at giving you the information you need to live a better life, making the final decision a matter of personal choice. There may be no clear-cut winner between these Charge 2 or Alta, but you’ll definitely be a winner by using them.


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  1. says

    Fitbit Alta is definitely sleeker and stylish than Charge 2. I am still waiting for fitness trackers, which will have a longer battery life …..say like a month. It does not have a GPS or HR sensor and uses an advanced accelerometer / motion sensor for most of the calculations. Overall steps and distance calculation is fairly accurate but nothing to write home about.

    • sam says

      @shawn, the vivofit by garmin is up to 2 years battery life.. i have had mine for three and it is amazing and still running. it is waterproof all the way. it tells time, counts steps, counts calories, anything you can think of!
      I highly recommend :)

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