Fitbit Alta Fitness Wristband Review: Beauty and Power All At Your Fingertips

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

In the market for a new tracker? Looking for something that impresses? If so then you might want to check out the Fitbit Alta, Fitbit’s latest offering. As with all the other Fitbit devices, it is packed with great features that will make you more active, but the Alta has an extra wow factor when it comes to design that really makes you take notice.

The combination of style and function puts it among Fitbit’s best and gives you something fun and fresh to monitor your movements. To see if the Alta will work for you read our Fitbit Alta Review, which breaks down all the key features, pricing and a comparison to other top models.

Fitbit Alta: What Makes It Stand Out

If you’re like me, you probably think you’ve seen it all when it comes to trackers. Well, like me, that thinking is wrong. Yes, the Alta does a lot of what you’ve seen before, like calorie and sleep tracking but there are some new features and a cool new design that makes it worth looking at.

Fitbit Alta Black Classic Fitness Wristband

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I find the Alta to be refreshing in its style and lots of fun. Let’s take a look at its key features to see why:

Modern Designing: This is one of the Alta’s best features, with interchangeable bands and a sleek display that makes it wear like a bracelet more than a tracker. The standard model uses Fitbit’s trademark elastomer band, but it is much slimmer and comes in a wide array of colors.

There are also bands in other materials, like leather and stainless-steel, which I really love because it lets you change the look to fit your environment: go sporty for the gym or classy for a night out. The bands cost a bit extra, from $29-$99, but that is a small price to pay and is quite affordable.

As for the screen, it is a thin OLED tap display so you can see all your information with the push of a finger. The screen is unique too because you can customize it’s look: time and stats can be displayed vertically or horizontally, giving you another fun way to make it your own.

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SmartTrack: SmartTrack is another big reason the Alta stands out from other devices. Built right into the Alta, it can record and recognize your movements and exercise routines. Personally, I find this to be a big plus because you can automatically recognize routines and get the exact stats for your movements.

Fitbit Alta is a fashion statement for you 24/7 Activity & Sleep Tracking: The Alta tracks steps, calories and distance around the clock, along with your sleep activity. It will analyze not only how long you sleep, but how well-rested you are too, so you can see your overall health and take steps to improve.

Move Alert: Another nice fitness feature is Alta’s move alert, which reminds you when you’ve been sitting on the couch too long. This silent alarm is good for getting beginners in a routine and reminding those with a busy schedule to get their daily activity in.

Fitbit Alta tracks your sleep and knows your sleep quality

Enhanced Sleep Tracking: Not only does the Alta track how long you sleep, it also tracks how well you sleep. Quality of sleep can tell you a lot about your cardiovascular health, so this is a good feature to help gauge your fitness and health levels.

Smart Notifications: To appeal to those with a need to keep in touch with the outside world, Fitbitt keeps you in-touch with text, call and calendar notifications. A nice way to stay connected without distraction.

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The Pros & Cons of Owning an Alta

As you can see, the Alta has a lot of quality additions that make it appealing, but are they enough? To decide, let’s look at the pros and cons of this newest offering:


Ladies enjoy fashion and stylist with Fitbit Alta

On the plus side the Alta is beautifully designed, giving it a sleek style that makes you want to wear it all day- which is what it’ made for. It also has some solid exercise features and modes, like SmartTrack and in-depth sleep analysis, helping you to improve your overall health and encourage you to get fit. Plus, there are tech add-ons, like the face customization and smart notifications, all at a steal for under $130.


On the down side, the Alta isn’t fitted with a heart rate monitor or GPS – which Blaze has, which may out off some serious gym goers. However, the heart rate monitor is not a must in terms of determining stats, so it is by no means a deal breaker.

Also, the GPS is a nice added feature, but unless you are running or hiking in unknown areas, you really don’t need it- especially when you factor in that it increases the price of the device.

The Alta vs The Charge: New or Old

To really understand what the Alta can do, we need to see how it stacks up against a proven performer, the Fitbit Charge. Charge is one of Fitbits most popular devices because it is affordable and provides superior tracing.

Fitbit Charge is great for running women

The Charge, like the Alta, provides you with real-time stats, so you know throughout the day how many calories you’re burning and how many goals you reach. It also lacks a heart rate monitor and GPS, making them even in terms of high-tech extras.

However, the Charge lacks in a couple of areas, starting with design. It is bulkier than than the Ata, comes in only 2 colors and the face can’t be personalized. In addition, there is no SmartTrack, enhanced sleep tracking and only basic call notifications.

It is better priced at under $100, but I think the Alta, with its added features makes it the better value of the 2. Especially with the Fitbit Alta on Sale now.

Alta Customer Reviews

Fitbit Alta is your health coach and buddy

The Alta is set to be released in March, but early reviews and user reviews have been positive. Those who have tested it found it comfortable to wear and loved its innovative and unconventional design. The ability to swap bands and transform the look was a big hit and gave it high marks.

They also raved about how motivational it is and how it guides you to a more active lifestyle, making fitness a part of their lives and vastly changing how they look at exercise.

Common Customer Q&A

Yoga Workout with Fitbit Alta

Here are some of the important questions to consider when buying an Alta:

Q. Does the Alta really help you focus on exercise?

A. Yes, with enhanced modes like SmartTrack and idle alert you can’t help but move more- which is the 1st step in weight loss and a great way to gently get you to become more active.

Q. Is the Alta waterproof?

A. It is water resistant up to 1 ATM so you can exercise your heart out and get caught in the rain, but no wearing it when you swim or shower.

I hope our Fitbit Alta Review helped you see all this newest tracker has to offer and why it’s a good fit for you. From it’s fresh, inspiring design to the activity features it is an all-in-one tracker that is easy on the eyes- and your pockets. The Alta does everything it can to help you get in the best shape of your life and look as slim and pretty as it does – making it an investment worth making.

4.5 Reviewer
Ease of Use

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    Although the Alta is a big leap forward for Fitbit in terms of design, in terms of functionality it is fair to say that Fitbit is styling up what it already has on offer. This means that at its core, the Alta is not much different from other Fitbits – there is no ground-breaking new technology on board. The Alta, however, shows that Fitbit has learned enough about design to compete with more stylish rivals.

    Automatic activity tracking is a huge plus. Just put the fitness tracker on, without worrying about pressing buttons or logging any activity.

    While it’s comfortable and easy to use, the Alta doesn’t go far beyond the basic capabilities of a fitness tracker. If, however, you’re looking for a stylish fitness tracker from a recognised brand that does the essentials well, then this could be the device for you.

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