Exercise Bike Holiday, Christmas Sale and New Year Deals 2016: The Weather Outside Is Frightful, So Stay Inside and Bike!

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If you’re like me, then you’ll agree that the winter time is one of the hardest times to just get outside and exercise. Realistically I know that when I get there it will be enjoyable and I will have a good, challenging, heart pumping, adrenaline churning experience, but simply getting there is so hard because I have such little motivation to leave my warm house and get in my cold car, and wait for it to warm up before I head to the gym.

Furthermore; I don’t wear sweats when I’m running at the gym – so I have to leave the house in shorts, and it’s freezing. It really makes for an unpleasant experience. Not only that; sometimes it’s inconvenient to go to the gym. Maybe you’re really busy, and you’ve got other things to accomplish; and you simply cannot make it but know you’ll feel guilty if you don’t go? Do you know someone like that? I definitely do.

The ease of motion makes exercising easy; so purchasing an exercise bike for a Christmas gift gives people something they can do anytime and see positive changes on their body. People can exercise while watching television; at night when it’s dark and you don’t want to leave your house, or when it’s rainy or frigid outside, you can always stay inside and burn a considerable amount of calories and fat simply by biking. The great thing about it is that the intensity is low enough for it to keep burning fat continuously, unlike running where the peak of burning fat ends and the cardiovascular gains begin.

Let’s Look at Some different Christmas Deals available to Change Your Loved One’s Life:

Best Indoor Bike Holiday Deals 2016

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse (Best Seller 2016)

This Exerpeutic Folding Bike is only $150 dollars, with a quarter of the price knocked off, and a great bike to start out with for any apprentice exerciser. It holds weights up to 300 pounds easily- and is super comfortable for any size of person. It’s completely adjustable for anyone from 5’3″ to 6’3″ tall, and has an awesome hand pulse monitor to keep track of your heart rate. As the name states; it conveniently folds in half for storage and is incredibly easy to move because it includes transportation wheels, to easily put it wherever you want it.

Another cool feature that is great on this model of the Exerpeutic is that the magnetic tension controls the resistance, and it’s got 8 levels; even on this inexpensive machine. You get all the space saving quality, comfort, and resistance you need for less than some heart monitors themselves. It has great leg stabilizers and a high torque cranking system to keep everything smooth. It’s super quiet and extremely safe, as well as providing all the information you need about your workout on an easy-to-read large window. This would be a great intro gift that pushes someone to be more active in their life this Christmas season.


Schwinn A10 Upright Bike

This Schwinn model is reasonably priced around $200, down almost 20 percent off of retail price. This particular model is reasonably priced enough to make it a great gift for this holiday season. It has an easy-to-read screen, your necessary heart rate monitor, and 8 levels of resistance; plus speakers and 7 additional workout programs to keep you challenged and working hard. It’s light enough to not get in the way at around 55 pounds; but sturdy enough to withstand any workout.

This iconic American brand will not disappoint as this bike whirs you away with it’s smooth and quiet computer controlled eddy current resistance system so that you never hit a bump when you’re peddling. The battery powered display customizes your workout with workout programs while displaying speed, RPM’s, time, distance, watts, calories and pulse easily and without a hitch. With it’s grip heart rate monitor and adjustable handlebars, this bike provides several different riding positions and integrated leveling feet to better stabilize your ride. It also has a padded saddle to keep you comfortable and increase your mobility.

Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

Sunny Health brings an option that costs around $260 (a considerable discount of over 50 percent) with all the features you’d expect from a high end product. It’s got a heavy duty 40 pound flywheel and a heavy duty, no-nonsense crank with smooth chain drive mechanisms to keep your loved one’s pedals flying for long distances, with absolutely no problem at all. This Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is great to train at high speeds, supports up to 275 pounds, and looks really shiny and cool. You also don’t have to worry about it being too heavy to move, with easy to operate transport wheels. It’s unbelievably quiet and fits nearly every rider with completely adjustable seat and handlebars. With it’s sturdy frame, adjustable resistance system, transport wheels and huge accountability it fits nearly every need you could want with an exercise bike at a moderate price; and a great Christmas deal. It’ll last forever and they’ll love it.

Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike with Pulse (Another $100 Range Hot Seller)

This recumbent stationary bike is great for challenging cardiovascular workouts with minimized stress and fatigue on your joints and back. It’s also got an amazing 8 level magnetic tension control system that allows the user to completely customize their ride and work toward the goals they’re looking to achieve with as little struggle as possible. It’s got super easy to read LCD displays and is super cheap at around $150 dollars- over a quarter of the price cheaper than list price for this amazing Christmas deal.

What’s great about his bike is that it’s super comfortable and great for people that need a little extra support. It’s got great side hand holds that help you position yourself; and it holds up to 325 pounds. This Exerpeutic model has a wider seat, magnetic resistance, hand pulsing pads that help you target your heart rate, even a super safe and easy to dismount “Step Thru” design so you don’t get all caught up. At such a cheap price, you won’t find a better deal for someone who needs exercise equipment that adjusts to them; it’s definitely a great buy this Christmas, and a great deal.

FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar

Does your loved one work from home; but you feel they need to work off a little bit of fat? This FitDesk is uniquely designed to help your loved one get the exercise they need while also working on their projects at the same time. It’s very affordable at around $270 dollars and comes at about a fifth off of retail price. It’s durable and built to last and has high quality parts to provide for years and years of reliable operation in any situation. It has a unique non-slip desk to keep your computer safe and an easy access drawer and massage rollers positioned perfectly to make typing comfortable and easy.

It’s also completely adjustable, so no matter what your stature you’ll fit perfectly into the design. It’s a great space saver, and very, very practical to fit into anyone’s daily routine easily; in a way that someone would actually use. Plus, it’s unique combination of comfort and functionality really provide a place where you can multitask in a reliable, quiet, and comfortable experience.

DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser

Feeling bummed out because you’re stuck at the office and can’t make it to the gym- well, there’s a great product for you with the DeskCycle desk exercise bike, with the same patented magnetic resistance mechanism as larger bikes with extremely smooth and quiet operation and smooth pedal motion that’s very healthy for your joints that won’t distract you from your work. Plus, the quiet operation insures that you won’t be disturbing your coworkers; utilizing systems that won’t distract your or your coworkers from their work.

The pedals on this exercise bike are the absolute lowest you can find; a full 5 inches lower than most bikes, able to fit underneath a 27 inch desk. At the height that it’s at you have to push the bike further to extend your legs, getting even more out of your workout; and it pedals forward as well as backwards to give different muscle groups a chance to work, and it also comes complete with adjustable Velcro straps and an online calorie counter calculator to provide you information while you peddle- making it a great deal for your loved one stuck at the office or home this Christmas.

Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike

Sole Fitness brings to you the epitome of home exercise biking technology in their beautifully crafted $800 exercise bike. If you know that your loved one wants this gift; it could be perfect for you, and you’ll never find it at a better time than now, in this exclusive Christmas deal. At a 38 percent discount, this bike is unmatched on the features and quality it provides. It’s got a huge 48 pound flywheel and turn knob resistance to crank your experience to the max, with an integrated back-lit blue LCD console display that shows everything: RPM, time, Kcals burned, distance traveled, speed, heart rate, and more; plus it’s completely compatible with pretty much all heart rate monitoring devices. This bike takes users to the next level- comparing to the intensity that outdoor cyclists receive, even those in intense spinner classes. This is because this next generation bike model combines design comfort and machine optimization better than the gym right to your house. You can completely adjust the seat and handlebars, and this whisper quiet ride will stay smooth and comfortable in any situation giving you exactly what you need with a 3 year warranty.

So what can you do to make the experience a little better? A huge craze these days is buying personal exercise equipment and having it in your house to use whenever you want. The point of doing something like this is immersing yourself in a healthy habit that you will enjoy and work from there; getting yourself healthier with equipment that brings you pleasure to use, and is exceptionally easy to use. This is why stationary bikes are so cool and such a great choice if you’re going to buy a gift for someone; especially a novice to exercise that needs to work their way into an exercise regimen, even for people with back, knee or joint problems who simply cannot run or walk because it hurts to much. Professionals agree that stationary bikes give you fewer and fewer reasons not to exercise; mostly for the reason mentioned above- inclement weather situations. Also, if you don’t really use your gym pass, it could save you some money in the long run by being in your house.

Exercise bikes make great gifts for anyone, at great values; especially this time of year. They provide an easy and fun way to exercise and aren’t going to drag you down or take all of your attention- some models are even designed to be able to multitask and exercise at the same time! With all the features, you’re sure to find a bike that fits your needs this Christmas season at the great deal that you want. There are some things to consider when making your purchase, however.

Some things to consider when purchasing an exercise bike with these great Christmas Deals for that someone special this holiday season:

  • Decide whether you prefer an upright bike or a reclined-position bike (called recumbent style)
  • Do you prefer small bikes because of space constraints or do you have considerable room for a larger, programmable one?
  • How long and how much do you plan on using your exercise bike?
  • How much are you looking to spend?
  • Make sure the bike fits you properly. You don’t want it to be too big or ungainly, you want it to be something you enjoy riding that is comfortable and usable for at least an hour at a time.

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