Crush your fitness goals (New Year Resolutions 2016) with Fitbit

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The Fitbit revolution has taken the fitness world by storm. Everyone from celebrities to the girl next door is raving about it. In a lifestyle where we commit to fitness every year afresh and make bold goals and resolutions at the beginning of every year, is Fitbit the device that will help people to actually stick to their goals?

New Year Resolutions with Fitbit

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Crunching the numbers

A little bit of digging with numbers actually revealed that this is so. A survey of Fitbit users who joined in January (or the month of fanciful resolutions) 2015 throws up some interesting results.

Of course, it was no surprise that 94% of the users had made a resolution that related in one way or the other to health and fitness. A further study of these resolutions revealed that the top three goals that users were seeking to achieve were to lose weight, exercise more, and eat healthier.

And, surprise!

The fact that 94% of the users made such resolutions is not shocking, but what is pleasantly surprising is that a whopping 92% of the users surveyed believed that their Fitbit helped them with their efforts to achieve their goals.

It’s easy – you do not have to make those exercise sessions rigorous and monotonous. You do not have to make them seem like the biggest challenge you ever had to win. You could instead crush your fitness goals for New Year, without even being bothered by it. It is easy to crush your fitness goals with Fitbit.

How, you ask? Show me some Numbers

Fitbit does offer a lot that you would love. It makes exercise simple, and fun. It makes you look at the long term goals, and not shy away from it.

85% of the users surveyed felt that their Fitbit tracker motivated them to be more active. As any wear resolution maker will know, motivation achieved is half the battle won.

79% of the users believed that the Fitbit tracker encouraged them to reach their daily goal of the number of steps set. Their Fitbit tracker basically made a boring task into an interesting and competitive game that became fun instead. What is that saying about work getting done faster if it’s fun?

Not just this, 79% of the users polled that their Fitbit inspired them to walk more. So not only did they fulfill their resolution – which seems nigh impossible after the high of New Year’s has worn away, right? – they got motivated to work out even more! What could be better?

This information has been collected from over three thousand users of the Fitbit tracker who joined the Fitbit community in 2015.

This year, make a pledge and actually stick to it – courtesy Fitbit. Take it not from us, but from the thousands of people who voted and believed in their Fitbit trackers and as a result are happier and healthier today.

So what are your fitness resolutions? Are you on track so far?

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