Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill Review: Best Treadmill under $200

If you are the type of person that likes to exercise from home, here is a review that will enlighten you on what the confidence power plus motorized electric treadmill is all about. This treadmill is durable, reliable and affordable. It is a good one that you should consider purchasing. It could fall into the place of the first gym equipment you have purchased, or it can be a good addition to your collection of gym equipment at home.

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When you have an electric treadmill in your home, you are motivated to get on in a do some running every day. You have a means to walk as far as you want, and as fast as you can without leaving your home. While doing this you get to shed as much weight as you possibly can and keep healthy.


Confidence Power Plus Key Features

Owning a treadmill brings in numerous benefits to your health. Apart from making sure you are entirely fit as walking, jogging and running are the only form of exercises that let you build all parts of the muscles simultaneously, it would also provide the convenience of building all your muscle parts right in the comfort of your home.

For those of us who can afford to put one in our offices, working on a treadmill while we brainstorm is an effective way to clear our heads so that we can focus more on our various jobs.

However, owning a treadmill is one thing and owning the right treadmill is another thing. Here are a couple of factors to consider before you make a purchase of a treadmill:

Speed Variety

You would need to consider how fast you want desire your treadmill to go. Although, most treadmills have a variety of speed levels, they are usually designed to excel more efficiently at a particular range. It is best you discover what speed range you are gunning for, do you want to walk most of the time?

Are you looking to burn more calories by running, or you would rather be modest and just jog? For instance, the Confidence Power Plus is higher in performance when used in the walking mode.

Although, it has higher speed variety, but it tends to be noisy when used to run and does not last beyond a year. The machine is able to reach 7.5 mph.


Furthermore, considering the available programs that the treadmill would allow you to run and comparing it with your desired goals would give you a lucid picture on what your suitable treadmill should look like.

The motorized electric treadmill manufactured by Confidence comes with a total of 3 programs which help you keep tabs on your fitness plan without getting you too worked up as treadmills with a lot of programs would.


Another aspect you might want to consider is how easily it can be stored away. Is it portable enough? This would come in handy, especially if you do not have a permanent space for it. The Confidence manufactured electric treadmill is not only easily stored as it is foldable, but it is also carried because of its lightweight.

With this exercise equipment you could save some money on becoming a gym member because you don’t have to go to the gym as your treadmill is good and effective enough to help you shed a lot of weight. Its multifunction led display shows the calories, time, speed and how many kilometers you have done, and it goes up to 10 mph.

This treadmill is very affordable, and compared to other treadmills at its price range, it has a lot more to offer as others within this price range are mostly manually propelled. This exercise equipment has some key features you should know about;

600w motor

It has a 600w motor that starts up at the speed of 0-6.2mph, but then the speed can be increased just by pushing a button.

This would mean that walking and jogging are the only forms of exercises that can be performed on the machine as the motor clocks in when it gets to 1.5hp. Nevertheless, the motor is not loud, providing a quiet environment as you keep your body fit.


Although this is dependent on your individual goals, but before you buy a treadmill, it is vital to look for the ones that are cost effective, that is, the ones that allow you pay less for but give out maximum performance.

Confidence Electric Treadmill comes at a price so that when compared to its performance, the machine is easily described as cost effective. Under $200, the treadmill is easily affordable.

Can carry up to 250lbs

It will carry a person who weighs up to 250lbs. So it is an equipment you can have others who come to your home use without the fear of it getting damaged or broken.

LED Display

Its led display shows you the time, the distance you have covered, and what speed you are on. It also displays the calories you have burnt.

Other exercise equipments within this price range do not offer these features as most of them require manual handling.


You will find that you can put it up in your bed room, living room, or even the kitchen. Do your walking and fold it back. It also has wheels underneath so it can be easily rolled from one room to the other.

The fact that it is foldable means you can do your power walks in any part of your house and when you have finished you fold it up and store it away in a nice corner. It folds down for easy storage. Most other treadmills are not foldable.


  • This treadmill is ideal for both beginners and advanced professionals
  • It consists of a motorized belt that will maintain your pace whether you are walking jogging or running to help you keep your workout target
  • It is hard to find a motorized treadmill for the price this treadmill is going for. Most others within this price range are manually handled. So this is perfect value for your money.


  • It doesn’t come with a warrantee
  • Some customers who have purchased this item have complained that it was delivered broken or that the belt was wrinkled.

    To avoid this, make sure to use a reliable and reputable supplier.

Confidence Power Plus Electric Treadmill vs. Black 500W Portable Folding Electric Motorized Running Machine

Although The Confidence Power Plus Treadmill is quite sturdy and is a unique product as it is portable and can easily be stored, there are other treadmill products that have similar features like the Black 500W Portable Folding Electric Motorized Treadmill.

While both machines are conveniently stored and easily packed as they both weigh 53 lb, and are both very effective with multipurpose LED screens, the Confidence is more user-friendly as it comes in two varieties.

Most Frequently Asked question and Answers

Question: Can you run on it?

Answer: yes you can run on it if you have a small stature. It may make a squeaky noise if you are heavy in weight so power walking is recommended instead of running.

Real Customers Reviews on Amazon

While a lot of reviewers praised the product for its lightweight and easy installation, a few others complained about the instructions not being clear enough. Also, some customers noticed that the treadmill offers a noiseless environment which is obviously impressive.

One particular reviewer was delighted about the ergonomic design and portability of the the tread-mill, but complained bitterly of how he had to abandon the instructions to watch Youtube videos on how to install it.

In conclusion, this Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill Review attempts to shed an honest light on the features of the Confidence Power Plus treadmill. The treadmill which is ultimately built to provide comfort and functionality is ideal for you, especially if you are the type that does not like to leave the comfort of your home but would still like to stay fit and trim.

Even though you can still get treadmills with better function, the Confidence Power Electric Treadmill offers so much at a good price.

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