CES 2016 Wearable Rumors and News: Trackers That You Have To See To Believe

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The biggest tech show of the year is just days away and this year’s event is going to be packed with new devices according to the previews. Taking place from January 4-9 under the bright lights of Las vegas, there will be offerings from all the big names (think Samsung, Sony, Fitbit) as well as up and coming companies.

Fitbit Booth at CES 2014
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Once again wearable technology is expected to be the star of the show, with new trackers, virtual reality gadgets and even mini pc’s that can be carried in your pocket. For those who can’t wait, here’s a rundown of the latest CES 2016 Rumors and News. Be sure to check back with us all week, as we will be covering all the devices.

Wearables: Fitbit Leads the Pack

When it comes to wearable trackers and smartwatches, there are some new editions to this year’s show, along with some veteran offerings. Expect updated software, new, sleeker devices and some real futuristic style monitoring devices sure to make heads turn. Trackers are continuing to evolve and surprise us with their unthinkable, and this year’s new devices prove that. Here’s what to expect:

Fitbit 2016

Fitbit Upcoming Models 2016

No one does wearables better than Fitbit, king of trackers, so all eyes will be on them and their early press conference, which takes place on Tuesday, January 5. According to Digital Trends the tech giant is expected to either release a whole new device or updated software for their existing ones.

CEO James Park and other executives will take center stage and according to their press release consumers can expect: “some exciting news that is sure to ignite the world of health and fitness in 2016.” Considering their phenomenal success, it’s a good bet whatever they reveal will be impressive,


Veteran watch company Fossil has taken over tracking company Misfit, so odds are they will be revealing a whole new smartwatch at the show. Digital Trends reports that Misfit has announced they will “unveil two new devices at CES 2016, but only one will be a fitness tracker.”

Therefore, we can assume that there will be a new Fossil smartwatch in addition to the Misfit tracker. Fossil recently debuted their line of smartwatches, so this new reveal should be along the same lines. Fossil has an eye for beauty, so expect something that is as pretty as it is functional.


Samsung has several developments going on at CES that will make them hard to top in terms of buzz. To start, there is the unveiling of the company’s Creative Labs, Samsung’s secretive wearable technology laboratory. According to Endgadget this will be the first time consumers see anything from this lab on display. They are expected to offer 2 devices in the world of wearables: the Welt and the Rink.

Welt is a new tracking belt, which will be raising eyebrows everywhere. It reportedly looks like a standard leather belt, but is fitted with sensors throughout to enable wearers to track calories, steps, and even monitors how long you are inactive for. The Welt sync with a Samsung app for users to display and analyze stats, taking tracking to a whole other level.

Samsung WELT –Track Personal Health

Rink is their other device, a hand-motion controller that pairs with a virtual reality headset to control games and menus through the Gear VR.

Samsung rink – Hand-Motion Control for mobile VR


This relatively new smartwear will be revealing one if the most buzzed about devices of the show: the OMBra. The OMBra takes the term wearable literally, as it is a woman’s sports bra packed with sensors to read heart rate, steps and more. OMsignal CEO Shaz Khang told USA Today that this is: “the first bra that reads a women’s biometrics.”

The bra is seen as ingenious, as women naturally wear a bra already throughout the day, so making one that benefits their health is beyond smart. It is expected to be available in the spring and will cost close to $150.

Computer & Virtual Reality Take a Leap Forward 2016

2016 is expected to be a big year for virtual reality gear and the CES show is expected to be the place that reveals the long awaited Oculus Rift form Sony, among others. Here is an overview of what to expect in the world of VR and PC’s according to the latest rumors.

Virtual Reality – it becomes reality

Sony: Sony’s highly-anticipated Oculus Rift, now renamed the Playstation VR, will be among the most watched devices in the show. Little has been heard about it since the 2015 Game Developers Conference according to DC Inno, so tech lovers are hopeful a price and a finished product will finally be shown.

Virtuix Omni/Nullspace VR: both VR companies will be showcasing new offerings in the VR world, allowing users to not just see, but become a part of what they see, moving and running with what’s in front of them.

Mini PC’s – It’s getting smaller

As explained by Digital Trends, mini pc’s have become an overnight sensation and will be making a splash at the 2016 CES. Intel’s Compute Core M Stick should be on display during CES, and thanks to improved cooling and power it should make quite a splash. It has an efficient and tight design, making it worth a second glance, but may be over shadowed by other offerings.

There are expected to be several mini pc’s on display, one’s that will be quite different from Intel, as they will expand on their design. Expect better video output with Mini Display Port’s or HDMI 2.0, taking them to a higher level of functionality.

What We Hope to See in CES 2016

Now that we’ve seen what is expected from the show, here is our wish list of things we hope to see, but probably won’t-at least not yet.

Solar-powered Wearables: A wearable that never has to be recharged-ever? Most have a long battery life, but never having to worry about recharging would be great. Plus, solar power is better for the environment

Headphones as trackers: headphones that can accurately (accurate being the key word) track and monitor stats would be beyond convenient when working out. Hopefully Bose or Beats starts working on it.

Revel Salon 3: many consumers would love to see this, but the company appears to be concentrating on other models, so for now this is just a dream

As you can see from our CES 2016 Rumors and News, there is a lot to see and experience this year. In addition to all the the big name companies, there will be hundreds of smaller companies on display as well, especially in the field of wearables. To find out all the latest news, check our coverage of CES 2016 all this week.

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