CES 2016 Day 1: A New Line-up of Intriguing Wearables

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Day 1 of the CES 2016 gave tech lovers lots to see and talk about, and while wearables didn’t quite dominate, they were still well represented. With Samsung and Fitibit set to hold press conferences tomorrow, today’s announcements centered more on virtual reality and screen technology, most notably news on the ever-allusive Oculus Rift.

CES 2016 New Line-up of Intriguing Wearables

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However, there was some news in the world of wearables, including a new Smartwatch for parents’ courtesy of Alcatel and the unveiling of the intriguing OMBra. For those who couldn’t be there, we have a complete rundown of all the events from CES 2016 Day 1, including a preview of what’s to come on day 2.

Outstanding Wearables on Day 1 of CES 2016

Alcatel: Every Parent’s Dream Come True

For parent’s there is no price that’s too high when it comes to peace of mind, but thankfully Alcatel doesn’t think that way, offering an affordable watch that will help parent’s breathe a little easier. It’s called Alcatel CareTime and at $119 it’s a steal with GPS tracking and a 1-push help button that allows you to track your child’s every move. Made with a bright blue band, it looks like anything but a smartwatch, but that’s exactly what it is.

Unlike other child trackers, this one doesn’t need a smartphone to use it. Simply buy it, add it to your existing data package to activate it and you’re done. Kids can call you from it or push a button for help. Parents can also program it to set area limits and have it alert them if their child goes outside those areas. It is set to be available here some time later this year.

OMBra: A Bra with A Purpose

If you ask most women, there one grip about wearing a tracker is having to put it on and take it off. Well, all that is about to change thanks to the OMBra by San Francisco based company OMsignal. Billed as the world’s first “smart” bra, it measures heart rate, calories and more, eliminating the need for wearing a tracker. The idea is actually quite brilliant: women put on a bra every day, so building a tracker into one takes the term mutli-purpose to a whole other level.

Making its debut here at CES it uses biometrics to gather stats and according to Shaz Khang, OMsignal’s chief marketing officer it is going to change the game of wearables. It is expected to retail for $150 and start shipping in the spring. Women can pre-order now via their website.

Polar Balance: Weight Loss Done Right

Polar Balance

Losing weight is about to get a bit easier thanks to the release of the Polar Balance scale. Costing just $99, this scale does so much more than just tell you your weight when you use it with a Polar fitness tracker. The premise is simple: using the Polar Flow app you enter your ideal weight, then the scale takes information from your tracker to help you reach that weight.

Information is shared between the scale and your tracker, with the scale using a customized speedometer to encourage and motivate. The speedometer is cleverly designed, showing when you are ahead of your goal or lagging behind. It even gives feedback on how to improve fitness and improve your diet.

It is compatible with the Polar Loop, Loop 2, Loop Crystal, M400 and V800. It is not compatible with the A360 fitness tracker at this time, but will be shortly. It is available now in the US for around $99.

Virtual Reality, Mind-Bending Technology and More

Outside of wearables, the big news today centered around virtual reality and jaw-dropping new technology. Here is a rundown:

Virtual Reality: the news wasn’t as enlightening as we hoped, but finally, Oculus has announced a pre-order date for the Rift: Wednesday, January 6th, at 11AM ET. The news came through a blog post from Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey and while there was no official launch fate (or price) it was reason enough to celebrate.

Eye-popping Technology: LG introduced new technology that has everyone buzzing: a paper-thin screen that can bend (yes bend) and even roll up like a newspaper. Building on the company’s OLED curve technology, the prototype on display at CES is 18″ wide and already has tongues wagging. LG is hoping this screen can be used in hand-held devices, allowing users to roll i up and put it in their pocket.

CES Day 2 Preview

Day 2 of CES should be an exciting one as far as trackers and smartwatches go with Samsung, Fitbit and Sony set t hold press conferences. Here is a preview of what you can expect:

Fitbit – Trending Fitness Trackers

At their press conference you can expect them to announce either the release of a whole new device or updated software for their existing ones. CEO James Park and other executives will be there and according to their press release we can expect “some exciting news that is sure to ignite the world of health and fitness in 2016.”


Samsung’s conference takes place at 2 PM EST and consumers can expect some big things. They are expected to offer 2 devices in the world of wearables: the Welt and the Rink, both products of their Creative Labs division.Welt is a new tracking belt that looks like your average leather belt, but is anything but. Fitted with sensors throughout it tracks calories, steps, and even monitors how long you are inactive. The Welt syncs with a Samsung app so users can see and analyze stats.

Rink is their other new device, a hand-motion controller that works with a virtual reality headset to control games and menus through their Gear VR.


veteran watch company Fossil has taken over tracking company Misfit and word is they will announce 2 new wearables during their press conference. Fossil already has smartwatches on the market, so this collaboration is sure to be a successful one and could produce some stylish, high-functioning smartwtaches.

CES 2016 Day 1 gave us a lot to think about and definitely left us wanting more. The wearables making news today were innovative, intriguing and set the bar high for the others to follow. The Polar Balance scale and OMBra put fitness front and center, while the Alcatel watch gave consumers something money can’t buy: peace and security. Overall, it was an exciting day, paving the way for an even more exciting day 2. Day 2 promises to be packed with even more smartwatches and trackers and we will bring all that information to you as it happens, so check back with us.

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