CES 2016 Day 3: A New Breed of Nabu, Withings, and Misfit Health and Fitness Trackers

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The floor show officially started, kicking off a memorable CES 2016 Day 3. Wearables continued to dominate, with intriguing reveals from a wide array of companies. Today’s theme seems to be getting more for less, as a few of the devices were big on features but small in price. There were also some unique watch features on some name brands, like Razer Nabu Smart Watch, that definitely had people talking. As you will see from our day 3 round-up, there was a lot to look at- and earmark for buying in the world of smartwatches.

Razer Nabu

The Razer Nabu Watch

According to Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan, “This isn’t a smartwatch…This a watch that’s smart.” Sounds about right to me, although everyone may not see it. There are 2 designs for this watch, both of which feature a dual screen and old-school stop watch style exterior. It is an intriguing mix of styles that may appeal to young and old.

Sporting a rugged exterior that looks reminiscent of vintage watches, it is water-proof up to 50 meters and is also shock-resistant, so you can wear it anywhere and not damage it. The OLED screen is crisp and displays an eclectic mix of data, including date, time, alarms, world clocks and more via Bluetooth.

As for smart features and tracking, there is plenty. You can get phone notifications (texts and calls), calories, distance, sleep tracking and more courtesy of the built-in accelerometer. The interesting part here is the battery: the main screen runs on a rechargeable coin battery that can last a year, but the main features run on a standard battery you charge every 7 days.

It is a bit bulky and cumbersome, but is different and for under $150 a solid buy for outdoor or tech lovers.

Withings Go

Small, compact and cute thanks to an array of bright colors, the Go is a fun, fresh and affordable tracker packed with some great features that rival more expensive style wearables. To start, this clip-style tracker is water-proof, not water-resistant, up to 50 meters. So you can get caught in the rain or swim with it with no problem. The device can even tell when your swimming.

Then there is the stylish e-ink display, which is what gives it an impressive and hassle-free 8-month battery life. The e-ink display only uses up power when it refreshes, so there is no maintenance- just wear it and go. And of course, it tracks and analyzes calories, distance and more and syncs it to your device. All this for just $69? This makes it a tracker worth looking into. It will be available by the spring.

Misfit Specter


Credit by: Mactrast

Misfit announce another tracker today and this one is definitely taking tracking in a new direction. It’s called the Specter and it is an ear-phone tracking device- yes, an earbud fitted with tracking sensors for a whole new experience.

The sensors in the earbuds work in tandem with an accelerometer in the wire, which you can clip to your clothes to keep it from moving. As far as tracking it monitors your steps, distance traveled, calories and records your sleep if you wear them to bed.

As for the earphones themselves, they are pretty impressive too, with clarity, deep bass and a nice treble range. What’s more, if you connect to the Misfit Link app via Bluetooth, the headphones can control music playback, call a lost phone, or help take a selfie photo.

No word yet on the price or an exact sales date.

Omron Healthcare Monitor

Project Zero Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

This is primarily a blood pressure monitor you wear on your wrist, but it’s been styled like a tracker and has tracking features as well. With a large interface and cuff, it looks like an outdated watch, but since it is more about health, that won’t be an issue for it’s users. It can monitor your pressure, calories, track steps, show the time and monitor sleep.

To use the blood pressure feature, just turn your arm palm-up, elevate it and press a button. The cuff will inflate and take a reading. This is a great device for older folks and at $200 is a great way to stay healthy. It will be out at the end of the year.



Credit by: Fonearena

Now here’s a smart idea: Create watch straps that can convert ordinary watches into trackers. Well, that is exactly what start-up company TipTalk has done. Giving classical watches a much-needed upgrade, it is the unique finger-calling feature that make sit stand out.

It tracks the standard calories and steps, with the ability to take calls, thought the technology isn’t perfect. Press a button and out your finger to your ear to take a call. Sounds like some Back To the Future stuff, but it is definitely real. It is a bit muffled, but you can hear and understand what is said. It is expected to be out sometime this year for around $80 and the company says they are working to make it even better.

ADT Canopy

Security company ADT is bringing added security to your trackers with Canopy, a professional-style monitoring service set to work with Samsung’s SmartThings, Nest and LG. It will be accessible on devices like the Samsung Gear S2 and other wearables.

It will be a flexible, contract-free service that is optional to those who are partnered with ADT. Samsung Gear S2 users, can access Canopy via an app, as will others once it is available. No word yet on a date.

Overall CES 2016 Day 3 was a great one for wearables. There were unique devices that will broaden how tracking is seen and done, along with some great pricing to make trackers more affordable than ever. As the Go shows, you don’t have to pay a fortune for quality- hopefully this will start a new trend toward more budget-friendly, tech packed options. The one thing today’s show proved was that there are no limits when it comes to trackers. It was an action-packed floor show that set the bar high for Day 4- and of course we will have all those highlights tomorrow, so check back with us.

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