Day 1 At CES 2015: Smartwatches Keep Getting Smarter

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Day 1 of CES proved that wearables are here to stay. There was a dizzying and eye-catching array of smartwatches and fitness trackers from a wide range of companies, as everyone is joining this increasingly competitive field. Today’s offerings showed off the best of the best, as these devices were equipped with the latest in style, form and versatility. From newcomers like Garmin to proven veterans such as Lenovo, everyone had something to offer, giving consumers a wide range to choose from. Here’s a recap of the most intriguing wearables from Day 1 at CES, plus a preview of what’s to come.

Beauty and The Beast

One of the most talked about wearable of the day was the Misfit Swavorski Shine and with good reason: although it looks like something you’d find in a jewelry store, it is way more than just a pretty baubble. The creation of Misfit, a health tracker company and Swavorski, the Austrian crystal giant this extremely fashionable bracelet tracks calories burned, distance traveled, steps taken and sleep time and quality. It comes with either a clear or violet crystal face and silver/gray band studded with Swarvoski crystals, making this affordable device appealing across multiple users. Smartwatches and trackers have become a mainstay in our culture, so it’s smart move to make them look as good as they work.

Misfit Swavorski Shine

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Another stylish, but highly functional wearable announced today was the Magellan Echo Fit Smart Sports Watch. While no where near as high-end looking as the Shine the watches are surprisingly attractive and come in array of colors. More importantly, it is quite versatile and offers a lot of great features. In addition to performing standard tracking functions you can also control your music, manage supported sports applications and receive alerts using the Magellan Active app. There is also a replaceable 8-month battery and it is compatible with tons of iPhone fitness apps.

Looks Can Be Deceiving: First Alert Onelink Fitness Watch

Some of the days offerings looked like your average watch but were anything but average, like the First Alert Onelink Watch. First Alert is a powerhouse in the medical device field so it makes sense that they would come up with a watch to help you monitor your health. It has a square face and a sleek band, so it looks more like a traditional watch, but it performs like a tracker and more. It’s main purpose is to keep yo u safe by giving you instant access to emergency contacts and letting you share location information and status updates with others. It is also a fitness tracker and monitors your heart rate, workout stats and sleep data.

Alcatel OneTouch – Is it what you want?

The Alcatel OneTouch Watch also looks like an ordinary watch, but has the same capabilities of some of the best smartwatches on the market. It was designed to be affordable without skimping on performance and that’s exactly what it does. The One Touch sports a stainless steel band and a round watch face to display information. It will be packed with sensors to monitor heart rate and physical activity as well as be compatible with both iOS and Android through a companion app, making it the perfect fit for everyone when it comes out in March. $149 is a sweet Price Point

A Look Ahead

In addition to these great offerings there are still more smartwatches rumored to be debuting later this week at CES, including devices from Tag Hauer and HTC; here’s a preview:

Tag Hauer: The name Tag Hauer is synonymous with quality in the world of luxury watches so the idea of them creatig a smartwatch has naturally created a strong buzz. Rumors and leaks hint that it is on pace to rival the Apple smartwatch and will combine classic styling with innovative features. Tag Hauer is also rumored to have secured partnerships with both Google and Intel, among others to ensure their product can offer everything consumers want and need.

HTC: Rumors have been swirling that HTC will be revealing a smartwatch at CES for months and the moment of truth is finally here. It was originally supposed to be unveiled in October of 2014 so it could be the date was changed to do the big reveal here at CES. Based on previous leaks it is unclear whether or not the device will be a smartwatch or tracker. A spokesperson for HTC told Venture beat that while the device will have both smartwatch and tracker features it will fall into neither category and will be unlike anything currently on the market.

As you can see Day 1 at CES was a busy one in the wearable device category. There are so many new and intriguing gadgets to choose from, making this an exciting time in the tech market. Consumers have so many choices it’s impossible not to find a wearable to fit your lifestyle or your budget.

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