CES Day 3: Wearables You’ll Want To Wear – New Fitbit and Alcatel One Touch

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Day 3 at CES brought an eclectic mix of wearables and unique heart-rate based devices that are already a hit among consumers. While it was a quieter day compared to days 1 and 2 it was actually the most productive day, as there was a more diverse and elite group of devices being shown. The most notable was the tandem of new Fitbit wearables that consumers couldn’t stop talking about and Wacom’s new tablet. With so many devices flooding the market over the past few days it can be hard to differentiate between gadgets and make the right choice, so we did a round-up of the day’s best to make it easy for you. Here’s a an overview of day 3’s offerings.

Wearables You’ll Want To Wear

Smartwatches and trackers have been the focal point of CES this year so it’s no surprise that consumers were raving over Fitbit’s latest offerings: The Charge HR and The Surge. Fitbit is the king of wearables and these latest entries show why as they are the ideal combination of styling and usage. Both devices have the latest Bluetooth technology and provide in-depth heart-monitoring, have Caller-ID displays and track sleep patterns and quality.

Fitbit Charge HR
Credit by Brookstone

The Charge HR is an upgraded version of the popular Fitbit Charge and has 24-hour continuous heart monitoring health and sports enthusiasts will love. The non-stop heart tracking provides the most up-to-date and accurate information a user can get.

The Surge is Fitbit’s first smartwatch and it packs quite a punch: it has GPS capabilities, notifications for text messaging and music controls in addition to all the tracking features, giving users the best of both worlds. The Surge is sleek and comfortable on your wrist too, so you don’t even notice it’s there.

Another Wearable Watch: Alcatel One Touch

Alcatel One Touch
Credit by Reviewed

Not to be outdone Alcatel’s One Touch is a high-quality smartwatch that has a lot to offer. Even though it runs on Alcatel’s own operating system it is compatible with and can be hooked up to any phone using iOS 7 or Android 4.3. It comes with all the standard tracking features you expect: pedometer, calorie monitoring and sleep tracking along with some cool smartwatch extras, like an audio player and the ability to function as a shutter button for a smartphone camera.

Razer Nabu X: Your Social Fitness Tracker

Credit by Wareable

Razer also unveiled a new tracker: the Nabu X. The original Nabu was a big hit last year and this new and improved model is following in it’s footsteps. The Nabu X is actually a scaled down version of the original, putting the focus on activity and not extras and making it more affordable. There are 3 LED lights to notify you of your activity levels throughout the day and you can see the actual numbers on your smartphone, PC or tablet. It is also fitted with Razer’s Pulse technology, so the tracker can communicate with other Nabu X users bands.

The World of Heart-Rate Tracking

Fitlinxx Ampstrip

Credit by Dcrainmaker

Heart-rate based tracking has taken on a whole new look thanks to 2 new gadgets unveiled today: The AmpStrip from FitLinxx and The Dash from Bragi. The AmpStrip could be the next big thing in tracking as it is the first Bluetooth enabled sticker (yes sticker) to perform continuous 24/7 heart monitoring, sleep tracking, steps taken and body temperature. This tiny, super slim sticker has a Bluetooth communication stack inside that looks and acts almost like a band-aid: just stick it on your ribcage and it will do the rest. The back has a removable sticker with 2 small electrodes that you can change every 5-7 days (every time you charge it). The sticker is even waterproof, so you can swim with it and get some great readings too.

Bragi Dash

Credit by Mashable

The Dash is a set of wireless heart-rate monitoring earphones destined to be a consumer favorite. These tiny little ear buds can track and distinguish steps, calories and distance, in addition to providing audio playback and up to 4 GB of storage for your music. The ear-buds are a remarkable piece of technology. as they are fitted with a tiny pulse oximeter to measure heart rate and gather stats, then transmit them to your Bluetooth device. The set is waterproof up to 10 meters and comes with multiple sleeves, so it will fit snugly in anyone’s ear, making them both brilliant and convenient.

Day’s 3 display of wearables and tracking devices was an impressive one that gave consumers a multitude of products capable of impressing on an aesthetic and functional level. They all had something unique to offer and are designed to compliment and improve your current lifestyle. Each of these devices is in a class by itself and will be a solid investment that will last for years.

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