Cardio Fitness and Training New Year’s Resolutions: Get Fit and Stay Fit

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If you want to stick with your New Year’s resolution to get in-shape, then you need to commit to a solid cardio plan. Cardio exercise is the foundation of any effective program because it energizes, revitalizes and strengtHRhens you from head to toe. You also need a quality tracking device, like the Fitbit Charge HR, to help you monitor calories, streamline routines and compose a solid diet, all in an effort to get you on the road to better living. To help make this new year a new start for you check out our Cardio Fitness New Year Resolution guide. It will break down all the benefits of cardio, as well as give you tips and suggestions on what exercises and machines work best.

Keep Cardio Fitness as your New Year's Resolution

What Can Cardio Do for You?

You probably know that cardio is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, but you probably don’t know all the other things it can do for you. There are a lot of great things that happen as a result of doing cardio on a routine basis, let’s take a look:

  • A Healthier Heart

    Your heart is a muscle, just like the ones on your arms and legs, and just like them it needs to get a good workout to stay strong. When you perform cardio your heart is constantly being worked and pumps harder and faster. As a result, it becomes more efficient and strong. This means improved lung capacity, better blood circulation and the ability to work out for longer periods. This is also why a Charge HR is such a great tool to have. It can tell you how hard you re working and help you maximize your routine.

Track Your Aerobic Workout and Cardio Training

  • Improved Overall Appearance:

    The elevation of your body temperature when you do cardio helps your body to flush out unwanted toxins, leading to healthier skin, hair and nails. When you sweat you detoxify your body and remove impurities This allows for better circulation of your blood, making skin dewy, hair softer and nails stronger for an overall glow.

  • Weight Loss:

    It is a proven fact that cardio, when done 4 times a week or more for at least 30 minutes, can help you to shed unwanted pounds. Cardio exercise gets your heart rate pumping, which in turn elevates your core body temperature- and your metabolism. Even better, consistently doing cardio keeps your metabolism running faster even when you’re not working out.

    That means you continually burn more calories and lose weight at a steady rate. Using the Fitbit can increase weight loss benefits as well because you can keep an eye on what you’re eating and use the built-in apps to do more challenging cardio routines.

  • Decreased Stress:

    Cardio gets your blood flowing, which elevates your good hormones, known as endorphins. The release of these hormones improves mood and helps you think more clearly. That’s why working out is a good way to fight stress and feel better about yourself.

New Year’s Resolutions and Cardio: Where to Begin

While losing weight may be your main goal, it’s important to understand that weight loss is the result of cardio fitness, healthy eating and the right tools. That’s why you need to have a clear plan when you begin. Start with a daily, weekly and monthly goal, writing out how many minutes and on what days you will exercise. Once you decide, use a fitness tracker to execute it.

For instance, if you want to walk a 1,000 steps a day or run 5 miles a week the HR can be programmed with these goals and help you reach them. It can alert you when you’re idle or notify you when you near your goal this will help you stick with your plan and make cardio a part of your daily routine.

Which Cardio Exercise is Right for You

Once you have a plan for how often and when you are going to work out, you need to figure out which exercises you want to do. The cardio you do should fit your fitness level as well as your lifestyle. There are lots to choose from, both at home or at the gym, and a lot of them are free and need no equipment. Let’s look at some of the easier, more accessible forms of cardio:

People Walking in the Park

  • Walking: Walking is great for just about anyone and is one of the best ways to add cardio to your routine. To start it can be done indoors or out- so it can be used with anyone’s schedule. It is also low-impact, so it can be done by those young and old or those who are not physically well. It is also a great way to gradually build up stamina for beginners, as you can walk at a slow pace an increase as you go.

    In addition, walking can be done alone or with a buddy, so you can do it with a friend or family member for added support and encouragement. Plus, you can walk anywhere, at any time, meaning you can do it before work, at home on a treadmill while the kids sleep, or any other time it can fit in your schedule.

  • Running: Running is an excellent way to maximize the calories you burn, but is not for beginners. Running requires stamina, so it’s best to walk first and work your way up. Running is high-impact and really gets your heart pumping, so it’s great for those looking to drop a lot of weight or those looking to bump up their routine.

    You can run anywhere, and challenge yourself by changing the incline and landscape you run on, so you never get bored.

biking and cycling with your friends

  • Biking: Biking is another versatile, low-impact way to get in-shape. You can do it indoors on a stationary bike or outdoors, so you can exercise all year round. Biking is easy on the back and joints, so it’s good for anyone with chronic back pains and is particularity helpful and building leg muscle.

    For this reason, it is great for those who need to improve balance and leg strength. Best of all, biking can be done at any speed, to maximize metabolism benefits and be done before work, after school or any other time.

Cardio Exercise Machines:

For those who want to work out in the comfort of their own home, investing in a cardio machine is a great move. Having a machine at home means you’ll never miss a workout and will save you money n the long run, because gym memberships can be expensive. If you’re thinking about a machine, here are the most effective ones:

  • Treadmill: Treadmills let you walk, jog or run in your house and make exercising convenient and challenging. They let you control the difficulty of your routine by allowing you to adjust the incline levels and speed, so you can work out as hard or relaxed as you need. They also let you change up your routine daily, as each day you can exercise at different intervals. Perfect in any setting and for any fitness level, they bring the work out to you.

Elliptical Cardio Training

  • Elliptical: These hybrid machines are part bike, part stepper and combine to give you a full-body cardio workout. They function like a stepper and have movable arms so you are running and climbing, while working your arms to really amp up your heart rate. As a result, they increase metabolism and make losing weight easy. These machines are easy to use and can fit in any home or apartment, but are not suited for those with lower back problems.
  • Stationary Indoor Bike: Indoor bikes are an efficient way to shed pounds as they are low-impact but still provide intense cardio exercise. They come with upright and reclining seats, so they work great with the young or the elderly and can work the upper and lower body. Bikes are also a good way to tone and strengthen leg muscles, so they are great for therapy patients. Overall, they get your blood flowing and are good for providing long-term cardio benefits.

Any of these exercises, when combined with the Charge HR, can help you see results and feel better. The Heart-Rate monitor you while you exercise and after, to see if your heart is working right and if your muscles are performing well. It can also show how much your burning and make sure you are working out safely and effectively.

Our Cardio Fitness New Year Resolution guide, combined with the Fitbit, is all you need to start the year off right. These tips will ensure that you get in-shape and stay in-shape. They will help you finally achieve your New Year’s resolution to become the best you can be. It’s out with the old you and in with the new and improved you- now and for years to come.

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