The Best Wearables And Smartest Smartwatches Of CES 2015

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This year’s CES showing without a doubt showcased some of the most innovative and ground-breaking technology to date, particularly in the smartwatch and wearables category. These devices took center stage and rightfully so, as they were ideal in both style and mechanics. From devices presently on the market to rumored up and coming gadgets (like the LG/Audi smartwatch and iWatch) each had something unique and tantalizing to offer today’s tech-savy consumers. We’ve done our homework and have com up with this list, highlighting the CES best smart watches. We’ve also included information on those rumored newcomers to give you a complete overview of the show.

High-End Perfection

The Fitbit Surge (11% off – Pre Black Friday Sale 2015)

Fitbit Surge - Best Smartwatch 2015

Consumers were chomping at the bit waiting for this fitness smartwatch, the 1st ever from Fitbit to be released and they were not disappointed when it was. Although it has a straightforward design, it is sleek and light, making it very comfortable to wear. The band is strong and flexible, moving with you naturally, so you don’t notice it’s even there and the display is a touchscreen for easy use.

More importantly, It has GPS tracking and 24 hour automatic heart-rate monitoring, putting it on a different level from your average smartwatch. Plus, it lets you stay connect via Bluetooth so you know if someone’s trying to reach you – which means there is no excuse not to get moving. It also retails for $249, a high but worthy price.

The Garmin Vivoactive

Garmin Vivoactive

Credit by: Wired

It is being called the king of all the new smartwatches, as it should be thanks to never before seen GPS integration that gives users a fully customized data screens option- a true first. Leave it to Garmin, the titans of GPS to take that technology and tweak it to come up with a smartwatch/tracker/GPS navigator that really does it all. The GPS gives you extensive statistics in terms of distance covered and calories, as well as giving you access to thousands of maps and routes to hike or play.

It has multiple sports programs, including swimming and golf (yes, golf!) giving users a wide range of exercises to monitor. Each program’s data screen can be tailored to display the information you want, something everyone will love and appreciate. Plus, it has expanded smartphone notifications, including full text message display and social media notifications, covering all the bases. Vivoactive is $50 offAT $249 ; it’s at the higher end, but reasonably priced considering all you get.

The LG/Audi smartwatch


Credit by: Tuttoandroid

This watch is still in its development stages, but that didn’t stop EVERYONE from admiring it. It was easily the most coveted and talked about wearable at CES and that’s sayimg something since only the prototype was available. Based on specs and the prototype it is the most fashionable smartwatch that will hit the market: a perfect mix of exquisite styling and top-notch engineering anyone and everyone is going to want.

It had a stainless steel band and slim round display that could compete with the beauty of a Rolex, yet has a lot more functionality. It will operate on LG’s open WebOS, instead of Android Wear and will give users access to LG exclusive apps. There will also be features like “Find My Phone”and voice shutter, plus there appears to be “sounds” menu which could indicate it has a loudspeaker. It will also have Audi apps that allow you to control various function in your Audi vehicle, like unlocking and audio management. High-end in price (rumored to retail at around $279) it is also high-end in performance.

misfit-pascalCredit by: Alltrends.Over-Blog

  • Misfit Wearables: These wearables, a collaboration between Misfit and Swavorski were easily the most attractive and appealing looking device shown. They look like high-end jewelry thanks to a crystal display and braided, crystal accented straps that could be worn to a fashion show and look right at home. Best part is the device is high quality when it comes to function too: it runs on light of any kind and is a full, wireless fitness tracker and sleep monitor. It sells for between $169 and $249 but you can’t put a price on beauty.

Less Is More

Lenovo Vibe Band VB10

Credit by: Blog.Gsmarena

  • The Lenovo Vibe Band VB10: Lenovo’s first try at a smartwatch is a commendable one, as they built a device that is affordable, functional and innovative thanks to it’s E-ink display. The E-ink technology extends battery life and provides users with a sharp resolution that is easy to see in any light. It also displays numerous smartphone notifications, including Facebook and Twitter and is capable of showing up to 15 characters- which is more than a whole tweet. All this, plus standard tracking (calories, steps, sleep monitoring and more) and iOS and Android compatibility for just $89 makes the VB10 a true bargain.
  • The Alcatel One Touch Watch: Alcatel’s smartwatch costs $150 and performs just like the other trackers, with one exception: there is a USB port built into the strap, so you don’t need a dock to charge it. It also charges in under 2 hours and can last up to 5 days on that single charge. Plus, it has a streamlines, sleek look, is razor thin and can handle both iOS and Android systems, making it a real steal.

Alcatel One Touch Watch

Credit by: Insider.Razerzone

  • The Razer Nabu X: This was the most basic model of all the wearables but at just $49.99 it more than does it’s job. It is a pure fitness trackers and works by displaying LED lights that light n various combination based on what your doing. The band is IP67 certified, so it ca stay submersed in up to 1 meter of water for a half an hour.

Rumor Mill Notes:

The iWatch: Next to the LG this was the most talked about watch at CES. It is said to be debuting in March of this year and thanks to leaked photos it looks quite stylish. It will come in 3 styles: stainless steel, sporty and or grey aluminum. There will also be a luxury Watch Edition that will come covered in 18 karat rose or yellow gold. What makes the iWatch so coveted is the new way it will make users interact with their device: through a digital crown that will let you communicate without obscuring the screen. The iWatch is expected to work with the iPhone and will be a complete smartphone and fitness tracker that can be fully customized. It will also be equipped with retina display so it can recognize various gestures, from a tap to full pressure and comes with Siri, for dictation and smart messaging.

CES 2015 gave us a new class of incredible wearables and smartwatches consumers are already lining up for. These devices showcase the best of the best in this field and makes it easy to see why they are here to stay and have become such an integral part of our society. At any price-point investing in one of these devices is money well spent and an investment in your own future.

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