Best Wearable Technology and Internet Gear: What’s getting popular?

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Do you want to attract the attention of electronic gadget enthusiasts? Do you want to look suave and techno savvy? Well, the answer simply lies in wearable technology and associated electronic gadgets. Wearable technology has been around for few years shy of a decade. However its popularity gained momentum not more than two years ago. Wearable can be said to have been brought to the limelight by Google Glass. This piece of wearable technology occupied the front pages of our favorite magazines ranging from business, sports to fashion magazines. Wearable Gear is not limited to glasses alone; it extends to other devices like smart watches, and even rings.

Google Glass

The mention of it marks the first exposure of many people to wearable technology. It revolutionalized wearable technology as we know it. It ushered both technological enthusiasts and audience to wearable technology. The marvel of a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display kept the world at large marveling for a while. Evidence of this could be seen as this piece of wearable technology made headlines and social media went wild. The abilities of this wearable technology are enviable. Glass is easily controlled using a touch pad located on the side. Its camera has capability of taking photos and recording 720p HD videos. It has many applications like Google maps, Gmail, Google+ and many other third party applications.

Smart watches

Many electronic gadget developers were not amused by the attention Google glass was attracting and went ahead to launch smart watches. This ushered in, a new era of wearable technology. Among the first manufacturers to launch such wearable technology were Sony and Pebble. Smart watches did not immediately attract the desired attention though. Its popularity gained momentum when Samsung launched its Samsung Galaxy Gear which was sold as a companion to Samsung Galaxy line of smart phones. Samsungs smart watch raised the bar as far as this type of wearable technology is concerned. It is able to receive calls, read and send text messages for the Smartphone with which it is connected. You can install apps on it. Not wanting to be left out on this niche of wearable technology, apple is soon launching an iwatch. What features it will posses can only be left to speculation as this knowledge is not yet in the public domain.

In the pipeline

The emergence of the smart watches set pace for other wearable electronic gadgets that can be won on the wrist and other places. Many wearable gadgets of this kind have been designed and advertised in readiness for their entry into the market.

These revolutional wearables include

Rufus Cuff– It’s expected that the Rufus Cuff will be able to send and receive calls or sms. It has Wi-Fi capabilities. It is expected to be compatible with iOS and Android. To be able to perform all that, it will need to be tethered to a Smartphone since it cannot connect to the cellular network by itself.


– Its expected to be able to control smart phones, cars, radios and TVs through simple swipes and taps. Its ring shaped and is won on the thumb and its communication is through Bluetooth.

Razor Nabu– This gadget is geared towards restoring the privacy that smart watches have taken away from users. The designers of this wearable technology argue that with other smart watches, anyone close to you can read your texts and glance at your calls with ease hence taking away the privacy one would desire. This wearable technology comes along with a 128×32 pixel screen to display private messages located on the underside allowing users to check notifications away from prying eyes. This wearable technology can also track your sleeping cycle. It can also track gestures for instance handshakes. Its battery life is also long. Its battery can go for up to 10 days. This wearable technology is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Google Smart Watch

– Its features are yet to be exposed to the public domain. Moto 360 is one of the first Android OS adaptor smart-watch. It truly defines how Google Smartwatch be like.


– It’s a pretty alternative to those who find smart watches bulky and ugly. It’s specifically made for women. This wearable technology looks like a sleek silver bracelet but is linked to the user’s Smartphone. It has no screen and only works by vibrating. It’s used to offers a notification only when important phone calls are made to the user’s cell phone.

High-tech Bra

– This wearable technology will be able to measure ones emotional state via sensors built into it. It will cross-reference with your state when overeating in the past and warn you via your smart phone if the system thinks you are likely to overeat again.

Hearable wearables

This line of wearables is the new bubble in technology. The ear is set to be the new wrist. With the fuss about smart watches set to settle soon, hearable wearables are set to take over. This type of wearable technology is geared towards supplementing the smart phone technology. It’s also hoped that at a later period, these devices will grow smatter and be able to perform many tasks. Optimism is rife that this wearable technology will eventually push smart watches to oblivion. A German company is currently raising funds for the manufacture of the first ever smart hearable wearable.

Advantages and disadvantages of wearables

Beside the glamour and class that come with wearable technology, there are a lot more advantages and disadvantages that come with the use of these gadgets.

  • They offer a fast mode of notification
  • They make smart phone easy to use and carry
  • Some wearables like the high-tech bra are set to reduce obesity
  • They are fun to work with
  • They are bulky
  • Complaints have been raised that they reduce privacy.
  • Battery doesn’t last long as a regular watch

Wearable technology is fast picking ground and thousands products are expected to hit the market soon. Don’t be left out. Join in the fray. Look cool. Look suave. Better still; look smart and classy with this smart technology.

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