Best Recumbent Bike Comparison and Buying Guide 2016

Recumbent bikes are bikes that are designed to allow riders to recline as they ride. In adopting this position, riders can support their backs and backsides more easily as they distribute their weight over a larger surface area. Recumbent bikes can provide comfortable and effective exercise sessions, and the best recumbent bikes can be nearly all things to all people.

Reasons to Own a Recumbent Bike

Recumbent bikes can provide people with a fantastic workout while allowing them to feel comfortable. Since they're comfortable, they're going to be more likely to exercise. Recumbent bikes can also help people tone their leg muscles more effectively than upright bikes. People will usually burn just as many calories during a recumbent bike ride as they will during an upright bike ride, but they will do so in a way that is easier to repeat on a regular basis.


Top Five Rated Recumbent Bikes

1.  Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike

  • Vented seat that provides plenty of lumbar support and a comfortable surface
  • 22 different programs: More Exercise Options
  • ​Goal tracking: Motivate you to get there
  • ​Two user settings
  • ​Smooth and quiet workout settings
  • Excellent value, giving users a lot for their money

Customers have praised this bike for the fact that it is very comfortable and easy to use. They have also said that it is easy to put together in the first place, which makes a big difference. Like many recumbent bikes, it's a heavy model that comes in a heavy box. However, many people still found that it was easy for them to add it to their exercise room in order to get started.

They've reported that the Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike is very quiet and manages to give them the sort of comparatively easy and comfortable workout that they're going to need in order to really burn calories for an extended period of time. The wide range of different programs really allowed customers everywhere to get as much use as possible out of the bike, making it a very versatile machine..

  • Reduced stress on the back and joints
  • Challenging workout that engages the heart and the leg muscles
  • Eight-level tension control system that allows people to get the rides that they need
  • Potential for advancement into new levels and newly challenging settings
  • Maximum user weight of three hundred pounds
  • LCD display is large and readable, and provides important information related to speed, distance, calories burned, time, and heart rate information
  • Three-year warranty - Peace of Mind
  • Large pedals that will help the feet stay anchored
  • Leg stabilizers that will keep the machine steady while it is in use
  • Relatively Low Price - Best Valued Recumbent Bike 2016

People have said that the Exerpeutic 900XL with Pulse bike is comfortable enough that they were able to ride it easily for forty minutes or more without feeling like they were getting tired or uncomfortable. Customers have also said that adjusting the settings on the bike was relatively easy, and that they were able to put the bike together by themselves.

Some also praised the fact that they were able to get such a great model for such a low price, which is going to make the Exerpeutic 900XL a major hit in this market.

3. Exerpeutic 2000 High Capacity Programmable Magnetic Recumbent Bike

  • Six preset workout programs - You can train up like a pro
  • Heart rate monitor allowing people to maintain their target heart rates
  • ​Eight level magnetic tension control system, giving users lots of different levels of difficulty to choose
  • ​Shock-absorbing seat: Don't get too comfy when working out
  • ​Seat designed to balance the weight of the user
  • User weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Built-in iPad holder - Great for those watching movies or reading on iPad
  • ​Transportation wheels make it easier to relocate the bike
  • ​Leg stabilizers help the bike stay steady during workouts
  • Backrest for improved back support

Some buyers have criticized this bike for the fact that the monitor is slightly harder to read here that it is in some other models. Other customers have said that this bike is not as easy to put together as some of the others on the market.

However, they have still said that the bike offers them everything that they're going to want in a recumbent bike otherwise, in that they're going to be able to enjoy watching television or reading easily even while they are exercising.

The bike is still very easy to use and to operate, and people who have had bad luck with exercise bikes in the past still found that this one managed to work for them. The backrest helped promote comfort, making this bike one of the best bikes on that score.

  • Chambered speakers that can change the sound
  • 29 workout programs - You never get bored with your Biking workout
  • ​4 user profiles - Your History and Preference are saved and shared among your household.
  • ​25 levels of resistance
  • Grip heart rate allows for effective heart rate monitoring - make sure that your heart is working hard enough
  • Highly readable LCD windows - Your Data is in one-view dashboard

Customers who have suffered from balance issues have praised this recumbent bike. This bike also has the advantage of being big enough for even very tall people, which means that shorter people aren't going to have much of a problem.

People have criticized the quality of the speakers on the bike, saying that they could be a lot better. However, this is still a bike that allows people to listen to music and to be entertained while they're riding nonetheless.

Some bikers didn't like that the angle of the back could not be adjusted, but as long as people are all right with the angle, it shouldn't be a problem. This is a bike that offers people plenty of diverse options and a great ride.

  • Well-formed back and seat
  • 20 different workout programs
  • ​Braking system that is smooth and silent
  • ​LCD Display
  • ​Sixteen resistance levels
  • ​Cup Holder - Can hold your water bottle and smoothie
  • ​Cooling fan
  • Adjustable console and arm rest
  • Premium Built Quality with Solid 4-star Rating

Many customers have praised the fact that this is a bike that has a lot of features that are designed to make the entire riding experience a lot better, including the cooling fan. The fact that the console and the arm rest can be adjusted makes a huge difference.

Many people have also praised just how comfortable the bike is, which is helpful for the people who are going to be trying all of those different workout programs and resistance levels. They found the LCD display highly legible and easy to use during the actual workout.

The cup holder workers wonders for the users who are trying to stay hydrated and cool during a workout, as does the fan. Many customers were especially thrilled to find a braking system that was actually quiet, in sharp contrast to many of the similar bikes on the market.

What To Look For When Buying a Recumbent Bike


  • The bike needs to be designed with stability in mind to a certain extent. People are going to be riding on bikes like this for a long period of time, and people want to make sure that they're going to be safe when they're on the bikes.
  • Leg stabilizers can help with stability when it comes to recumbent bikes.
  • Seats that are designed to balance the weight of the user can make a huge difference when it comes to stability.
  • The bike needs to have a heavy enough base to really give people the stability that they need.
  • Bikes that have a more adjustable arm rest or back angle can become much more stable.


  • The seat of the best recumbent bikes should provide enough back support and cushioning.
  • Having an adjustable arm rest or back angle can make bikes much more comfortable in practice.
  • Adjustable leg pedals also promote comfort by contouring themselves to the bodies of riders more easily.
  • The grips of the bikes should be more comfortable to hold.
  • Recumbent bikes partly owe their popularity to the fact that they're more comfortable than most other bikes, making this an important feature.


  • There should be multiple workout programs that allow people to easily advance with increasing skill levels.
  • Different heart rate settings can allow the people exercising to challenge themselves in new ways.
  • Adjustable leg pedals and back angles can help people change positions, and even difficulty levels.
  • Bikes are flexible enough to squeeze in and save some space when not being used.


  • The recumbent bikes need to be equipped with solid and functioning brakes.
  • Ideally, the brakes should be smooth and easy to use.
  • The bike should have a heavy enough base.
  • The construction of the recumbent bike should be strong enough that it can withstand varying degrees of pressure.


  • Recumbent bikes should be easy to put together.
  • The brakes should be relatively quiet and easy to use.
  • Making the appropriate adjustments to the bike should not require the use of a mechanic.
  • Keeping the bike clean should be relatively simple and shouldn't require anything special.

Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

    • People can use soap and water in order to remove the dirt and the dust that can form on some of the metal parts of the bike.
    • ​Lubricant on the metal parts of the bike can keep the parts functioning at peak efficiency.
    • The screws on the bike need to be tightened regularly, and the brakes need to be tested just in case anything needs to be replaced.

Types of Recumbent Bikes and Other Choices

Some people are going to prefer upright bikes, which will probably be more recognizable compared to the recumbent bikes.

Recumbent bikes might be more comfortable to ride and more comfortable to your lower back, and you focus working on your leg and tight muscle.

Others prefer Treadmill and Elliptical machines as they can swear and workout with their arms too.

​Common Recumbent Bike Questions and Answers

Q: Can the back angles of recumbent bikes be adjusted?

It depends on the brand and the bike. In some cases, yes. In other cases, people are going to have to test out the angle in advance in order to see if it works.

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Q: Are recumbent bikes better for the back?

Yes. Keeping the back at an angle of around 135 degrees tends to be better for back health, and tends to be easier for most riders than the right angle that upright bikes require.

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Q: Do people get the same quality of exercise on a recumbent bike that they get on an upright bike?

For the most part, yes. People might raise their heart rates more on upright bikes, but the calorie burn is the same, since recumbent bikes tone the leg muscles more.

It's easier to do more exercise on a recumbent bike also, which makes the system better overall.

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Customer Feedback

Customers are overall thrilled with their recumbent bikes. They have said that these bikes were much easier for them to use than the upright bikes that they once used. They have reported that exercising every day became much easier as a result.

Lots of customers have loved the versatility that recumbent bikes provide almost automatically. Many of them have praised the recumbent bike discounts that they have been able to find as soon as they know where to buy recumbent bike models.

The best recumbent bike is going to give people lots of advantages at a low price.


The people who are looking for the best recumbent bike will be able to find lots of great choices today. People are looking for great new exercise machines to replace many of the ineffective models of old, and recumbent bikes are perfect for that.

These are exercise equipment that are going to give people great workouts without hurting their backs, tiring them out, or compromising on their safety. Upright bikes just don't have all of the same advantages of recumbent bikes, which have a way of offering people a lot for far fewer consequences.

Recumbent bikes are becoming more and more popular today on the road and off the road for the people who are just using their bikes to exercise. Soon, these will become the dominant bikes as more people learn about all of their extensive advantages. Recumbent bikes represent the future of bike riding in every way.

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