Top 10 Gifts For Runners: “Run” Out And Pick One Up Today..

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Christmas, Hanukah, birthdays, anniversaries- there is always a reason to shop for the runner in your life. And we have some great ideas on what to get them. No matter who you’re shopping for, your mom, spouse or friend, you’ll find something for them on our Top 10 Gifts for Runners guide.

Best Gift Ideas for Runners

From seasoned runners to beginners, our list has something for every sprinter- at every price point. We’ll break down what we picked, why we picked it and what makes it so special, so that by the time you’re done reading, you’ll know exactly what to buy and be “running” out to grab one. Who knows, we may even convince YOU to become a runner.

Top Gift Ideas for Runners

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

This smartwatch is great for serious runners, businessmen, teens and parents, as it tracks and allows them to keep in contact when they need to. Priced at under $200, it has the following key features for runners:

  • Smartphone-enabled GPS, which lets runners chart new courses without worrying about getting lost, and also helps record split times and other important info.
  • Multi-sports mode, allowing users to log mile and lap times with pinpoint accuracy
  • 24/7 Heart monitoring, so runners can see how effective their jogs are and get exact tracking numbers.

A winner with your kids or spouse.

Nike Air Max Shoes

Great for runners of all ages, Nike’s line of running sneakers makes a great gift because they look as good as they perform. They provide excellent support for arches, heels and ankles, so runners can walk, jog or sprint without fear of injury.

They also come in a wide array of styles and colors, which is great for teens, Men, and fashion-conscious sprinters. Priced affordably at $50 and up, this gift works for anyone on your list.

Level Terrain FlipBelt Waist Pouch

This ingenious gift, from FlipBelt, is affordable and makes a great stocking stuffer for the runner who has to carry too many “essentials”. Costing under $15, this belt fits comfortably around their waist and can hold keys, phones, wallets, ID’s and more.

Made in varying colors, and available in multiple sizes, there are no buckles to chafe or irritate: just slide it on and use the multi pockets with zippers for easy, secure storage and access. Great for moms, or those who run straight from work. A hit with co-workers or friends.

Bluetooth Earbuds, Mixcder ZeroSport Wireless Sweatproof Headphones with Built-in Mic

If you need a gift for someone who loves music as much as they love to run, then wireless earbuds are the perfect gift. Traditional earbuds are a pain for runners, as the wire that connects to their phone tugs and the buds tend to slide off.

Wireless buds eliminate that problem, staying securely in place no matter how fast they run. Many are waterproof and sweat proof, great if it starts to rain, and allow runners to control volume, songs, calls and more through voice command, leaving their hands free at all times.

Plus, many have noise cancellation, to block out distractions, along with Bluetooth, ideal if the runner is a young teen that needs to answer mom and dad’s call. They range in price, from $19.99 and up, and are good for young adults and music lovers.

A must for partners, family and friends.

RUMBLE 24/7 Night Running Gear Shoe Lights- Flashing LED Reflective Gear for Runners

Available as a wristband, headband or to be strapped around the backs of your sneakers, safety lights are a must if you know someone who loves to run at night. Made with LED lights, these clip-on style ones from Rumble stay securely on your sneakers so you can be seen no matter how dark it gets.

Truly affordable, at just $12.99, there are 4 light modes: solid, flashing, sensor, and S.O.S. They are lightweight and great for runners of all ages.

Great for Kris Kringles, White Elephant games and older parents.

New Balance Men’s Long Sleeve Heather Tech Tee

Designed for the man on your list, this tee keeps moisture out and heat in, making it perfect for early morning or late-night runs. Made with performance wicking, it keeps sweat off, so runners stay dry as they run and don’t have to worry about feeling cold.

It also has antimicrobial properties, to keep joggers clean and germ free. Finally, they come in several colors and sells for between $10-$30.

A nice gift for partners, dads and sons.

Runner’s Journal: A Year of Running

If you know a runner who is not into tech gadgets and prefers good old pen and paper, a runner’s journal makes a nice gift. These journals do more than just track run times and distance, offering a complete runner’s experience.

They have inspirational quotes, sections to log food and calories, and progress charts to analyze things like increased stamina, terrain difficulty and more. Helps paint a complete picture of what works and what doesn’t in every aspect of running, from diet to exercise routines. Perfect for beginnersand older runners.

Perfect for siblings, friends and co-workers.

Run Fast. Eat Slow.: Nourishing Recipes for Athletes

Know someone training for a marathon or have someone who is just starting out? If so, you may want to get them a cookbook for runners. Runners need lots of carbs for energy, but they also need to know what carbs are good carbs and how to balance those carbohydrates so they don’t get weighed down.

A cookbook geared towards runners can help with that. For newbies it will teach them the right way to eat, and for seasoned runners it will give them new recipe ideas. It’s available in hardcover or for Kindles and other E-readers.

Pick one up for your spouse or friend.

Calf Compression Sleeve by Camden Gear

Running takes a toll on legs and feet, which is why calf compression sleeves are a smart gift. They may sound boring, but they are anything but, as they come in a myriad of designs and colors, making them fun and effective.

Calf compression sleeves can help runners young and old avoid injury and those dreaded shin splints, as they increase blood flow from top to bottom, reducing inflammation. They come in different sizes to fit all leg types and can be used during a run or when warming down.

A good gift for family members or a Kris Kringle.

The Iron Strength Workout for Runners World Jordan Metzl

This 2-disc DVD set is good for beginners and advanced runners, as it prepares runners and helps improve performance. It contains workouts to build and strengthen, for improved speed, endurance and run times.

A cool gift for your kid or sibling.

Hopefully, our Top 10 Gift Ideas for Runners guide helped you find the perfect gift. This list has lots to choose from, and all of the gifts shown are versatile and serve a real purpose. They can help runners everywhere improve and have a safer, more care-free experience. So run out and pick up one, or all of them, for you and the runner in your life.

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