The Best Elliptical Machine Under $500 Comparison Buying Guide 2016: Get That Fit You Crave That Won’t Break Your Budget This New Year

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Best Elliptical Machine Buying Guide

Lose pounds and inches on your New Year’s Resolution this year by utilizing our Elliptical Machine Comparison Buying Guide to purchase an elliptical using one of our elliptical trainer discounts and get your weight back on track with just a little bit of effort and technology that you can fit anywhere and work at any time to get results all over your body:

  • It works your core
  • It works your chest
  • It burns insane amounts of calories and fat while they keep you in that sweet zone where you’re constantly burning the most stored fat cells at around 130 heartbeats per minute
  • You can definitely feel the difference in your core muscles after you get done with a blistering, high intensity workout

Another great feature of elliptical machines is that they provide the best core workouts you can find, aside from a ab focused workout. They work your arms, while you exercise your lower body to get the best burn. If it’s your new year’s resolution to get fit- elliptical machines are the way to go.

Choosing the Best Elliptical Machine

While it’s true that price is sometimes a concern for people, it’s more important to find the most comfortable machine you can while finding a top manufacturer that works for you in the past. It also comes down to each individual little feature, even the frame and pedal operation. Obviously a user wants to be able to add resistance and stride length, but what is more important than usability?

Even more, the best machines out there let you increase and lower your incline – which is of fundamental importance to an increased load workout, which requires higher intensities. All in all, the features that come into play, even when it’s simple foot petals or framework should be considered.

Here’s a List of Some Important Features To Consider:

  • Adjustable Stride so that you can adjust the stride length
  • Heart Rate Hand Grips so that you can constantly monitor the effectiveness of your workout and burn fat and calories based on beats per minute standards
  • Incline so that you can increase the intensity of your workout to burn more calories and get more work done.
  • Pivoting Pedals – to match your foot, and two different kinds are typically available – foot plates or pivoting pedals
  • Powered Incline to change the incline at the push of a tiny button
  • Resistance so that you can add levels of resistance to make the stride harder or easier
  • Transport wheels for ease of transport
  • Materials of Construction to ensure quality
  • Brand you can trust with a long electronic, labor, lifetime frame and parts warranty
  • Plenty of nifty features and display
  • Calories Burned
  • Distance traveled
  • Pace and Speed with Workout Time

Elliptical Trainer Comparison Chart

These types of charts help you make informed decisions about which types of machines are right for you, especially when you’re trying to compare elliptical machines to find the right one’s for you.

With all of this information, you’re sure to make a more informed decision when purchasing one of the top elliptical training machines of 2016 to find the elliptical trainer that’s perfect for you.

Stamina 55-1610 InMotion E1000 Elliptical Trainer (Under $100)

Work up a good sweat in no time, from wherever you are, to get that lower body burn you want to burn extra calories at the home or at work- at an Amazing Elliptical Deal and Free Shipping. You’ll be saving over 50 percent on this great and easy to use, completely portable system that you can take with you to carry your workout with you on the job- a great feature.

It’s got an electronic ticker to keep track of calories and distance, and fully adjustable tension, making it everything you need in a small, portable package. It’s so portable that you can bring it to your office and “work out” when you are on computer.

Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine Under $500

Get an elliptical that looks great and will get you where you need to go. Schwinn’s approach to the elliptical gives you seven unique workout programs to keep you challenged and easy to read LCD screens – track exactly how much progress you’ve made with 8 different levels of magnetic resistance and grip heart rate monitors and built in speakers you want at a price that’s more affordable for any budget.

It’s a solid built one with many workout programs that should fit your routine.

It’s got a 17-inch stride and carries up to 275 pounds, making it great for people of any size.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Under $400

With a recumbent seat that moves where you need it to, this seated elliptical trainer brings you the maximum comfort, with your upper body workout and specially placed foot-petals that give you the burn you’re looking for, from a seated 15″ stride length position.

It’s prestocked with 14 workout apps and 14 different resistance levels and target pacer with specialized RPM meter and LCD windows that show you exactly how the inertia- enhanced flywheel is operating, so your totals are targeted as accurately as possible, plus you can level how your feet sit, and it has dual grip heart monitor technology and transport wheels to get it on the move quickly.

Check out 40%+ off Deal Today.. You can’t beat 5-Year frame Warranty with this.

Gazelle Edge (Another $100 Home Workout Option)

About $100, you can’t go wrong with the Gazelle Edge which is completely electric free, so it cuts down on your carbon footprint while keeping you in shape. It’s high performance, to match speed with you, and it has the most unsurpassed motion capability of any of these elliptical trainers, because it can go as fast as you.

No matter 1000+ customers love it! The easy to use 5-function workout computer keeps track of all your speed, distance, and time details while the extra-wide, non-skid platforms keep you safe when you’re blowing away calories and watching the fat fall off your body, one thread at a time.

Exerpeutic Aero Air Ellipticals

If you’re looking for something compact to relieve your tension- this bike is perfect for you. It’s got natural elliptical motion, and extra large pedals so you won’t slip, plus that upper-arm workout you’re looking for, and easy dial tension to adjust your workout to your specific preferences.

The LCD display indicates exactly how far you’ve gone and how many calories you’ve burned AND it comes complete with a full one year warranty, for a low price of around $90 plus shipping.

Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer with Seat

The body rider runs about $150, but it’s money well spent. It’s a two in one machine, so you get two exercise equipment pieces for one low price, and it produces a breeze while you exercise to keep you cool.

It also adjusts easily with just the simple turn of a knob, and offers some of the best minimization on the joints you can imagine, tracking your time, speed, distance, and calories in a vertically seated position that adjusts to any different body type.

Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer

For less than $600, the Nautilus has all the bells and whistles of a more expensive elliptical, and you’ll also be saving over $400 off of retail, for a 20 inch stride, 22 program, 20 level of resistance, 2 person amazing trainer that provides literally everything you need in a great, space saving package.

Plus it’s got an amazing acoustic chambered sound system – which is pretty cool. And grip heart rate or telemetry enabled heart rate monitors- if you want to strap it on.

Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer

You can’t go wrong with the Body Rider Elliptical. There’s only 15 in stock, so you better hurry, but this 2 in one fitness machine gives you the training of an elliptical, and the cardiovascular workout of a bike. The high-momentum fan produces a breeze for you as you exercise, and the design of this machine lets you perform a complete range of exercise activities without ever putting too much weight on your joints.

It’s completely adjustable and fits different body heights and types, and it’s electronic controls completely track your time, distance and calories burned.

Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine

This powerful elliptical training machine provides some of the absolute most challenging cardiovascular workout with style and class – with adjustable pedals and adjustable power stride with incline, it’s perfect for any sized person- an important detail to consider.

It’s got pulse grip AND chest strap heart rate monitoring, a 7.5 inch display with front drive system and built in fan that keeps you cool with a built in sound system and water bottle holders. It’s got all the features you’d ever need, plus some, and a 375 pound max capacity weight limit and extremely durable construction and 20 levels of resistance and 30 degrees of incline.

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

This Schwinn 470 is going at an amazing price, with a near 40 percent discount. With dual track LCD windows and Schwinn Connect, you can keep track of all your data and reach your fitness goals easier with 13 different feedback programs.

It comes included with 29 programs, 4 user settings and goal tracking, plus 25 levels of resistance and high speed inertia to make your workout smoother and quieter. Another cool feature is that you can charge through a USB port and even exchange data!

Which is Better – Treadmill vs Elliptical Workouts?

Often, people compare the two workout machines, and punch for punch, elliptical training machines actually burn more calories than treadmills or staircase machines, even though they all provide solid cardiovascular workouts that are unparalleled, you’re also getting a more complete workout.

When you’re using a treadmill, you’re only really working the lower body – which is great when you want to just focus on the abdomen, butt, or legs, but if you really want a complete workout, get the same areas and more, with an upper body workout with movable handlebars that work your arm muscles in tandem with the foot petals. This means you’re not only working your legs, buttocks and things, you’re also tonight your arms, shoulders, back muscles and cardiovascular benefits the more you use the elliptical.

You can also work in reverse motion on elliptical machines, and you can’t really safely do the same on a treadmill. This provides users the ability to work completely different areas of leg muscles consistently and easily without awkwardly straining yourself and your ability to work muscles efficiently.

Elliptical Machines are also more comfortable and easier on the joints than treadmills, and they match your speed so that you provide the power, and when you stop, they stop- so you don’t have to worry about getting caught on food petals, stumbling or hurting yourself at any time, and the amount of speed is completely dependent on you, the more you work on it, the better you’ll be next time.

Plus, elliptical machines provide more balanced workouts that are literally three times easier on your joints so you’re nearly eliminating all of the discomfort that other machines bring. What’s great about elliptical machines is that they’re part stair-climber, and part cross-country-ski machine.

You get to move your feet in flattened circles, rather than move in a linear pattern, and the real value of working out on these machines comes from the overall resistance that builds up when you spin or slow the elliptical’s flywheel as you turn it with your body.

These types of machines are the best if you have a space to devote to an indoor exercise machine, but not too much space- the amount required typically is no more than a large entertainment center or dresser, and the movement that happens happens within the confides of the machine.

Always read the Elliptical Machine reviews on these machines too- looking for specific features becomes more and more important when you consider features like arthritis or other knee or joint problems.

What to Look out when Buying an Elliptical

  • Comparing Elliptical Machines By Price:

Generally speaking, elliptical price ranges vary greatly, from under $500 to over $3,000, and each person who uses them has a different opinion on which variety you should choose.

  • Compare Available Workout Programs:

Each individual elliptical you’ll see on the market should describe whether it has an upper body workout with it or not, and which types of programs it includes, as well as the type of display that it uses.

  • These types of workout programs are typically included in the price, and others might be at an individual cost, it depends on the manufacturer, making it more important to check the specs and details.
  • Make sure to Compare Heart Rate Monitoring Systems, User Weight Allowances, and Stride Length
  • Not all heart rate monitors are created equal
  • Strap monitors or chest monitors
  • Reviews should list exactly how precise they are should all be listed in model reviews.
  • User weight and stride length will tell you exactly what size person the particular machine is intended for, and the total weight gives a little clue as to how sturdy the machine is, and if you’re taller than average or heavier than average, it’s important to consider these details.

Comparison of Warranties and Extra Perks

When you’re doing your comparisons, don’t forget to learn about extra perks included with elliptical trainers:

  • Amazing elliptical trainers discounts
  • Other downloadable workout routines
  • Warranty explanations
  • How good it is, and exactly how much it covers, because these products are meant to be a facet in your workout routines for years and years to come. You don’t want a part to break and ruin your thousand or more dollar investment.

All in all:

  • Ellipticals Provide More Options for Users, Especially Those Looking for New Year’s Resolutions

If you’re looking for a full body workout with cardiovascular training at your own pace, than ellipticals are worth every penny. Plus, elliptical training machines come with many more options than most treadmills, including adjustable inches, pre-set workout programs, and other features that customize your Elliptical Machine to the max.

  • Ellipticals Often Need Fewer Repairs Than Treadmills or Trainers

There are no belts in elliptical machines to replace, and they typically have a smaller footprint, since your speed powers their speed. You can also use them pretty much anywhere in your home with relative ease and comfort- and so can your family – and you can put lots of time into it without worrying about them breaking down.

All the main features of this Best Elliptical Machine Comparison Buying Guide focus on streamlining the amazing effects of exercise that these machines provide and giving you an opinion on what’s the best machine out there. If you have any questions or comments, just leave below and we’ll get back to them for you as soon as we possibly can to provide you with the information you need to put those new year’s resolutions into new year’s habits in 2016.

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