30 Day 5K Steps Challenge – Walk your Way To A New You

5k steps challenge

Losing weight and being more healthy is something many people want, but few are able to achieve. Why? Because most people overlook walking:the simplest way to not only shed those unwanted pounds, but improve your overall health as well. Walking is the foundation of any successful health plan, as it increases circulation, builds stamina, fights heart disease, and most importantly, gets you in a more active routine that promotes physical fitness.

Best of all, walking is something anyone can do, which is why I've come up with this 30 Day Steps Challenge. #5kSteps (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest)


This challenge is the first step on your journey to a healthier you, but before you start you need to know WHY it's going to help and how it will transform you. I will tell you all the benefits of walking, for you and your loves ones. I'll also provide you with tips and advice to help you ease your way into walking on a daily basis or for advanced walkers, I'll give you tricks to challenge and build on your routine.

Why You Should Walk To Lose Weight

  • It Promotes Weight Loss

    Whether you're a beginner or a tri-athlete, adding steps to your everyday routine is the easiest way to get in-shape, which is why I devised this challenge.

    When you walk every day it puts you in a healthier frame of mind, which carries over to other aspects of your life. It can feel overwhelming to get up and go to a gym, but getting up and adding 500 steps to your day seems much more manageable, which will make you feel more confident that you can do it-and that's half the battle!

    Our initial goal is 5,000 steps - and while that sounds like a lot, trust me-you can do it and you only need to add a couple of steps each day. From there you can move up-sky's the limit.

  • Walking Has Numerous Health Benefits 

    Walking does so much more than just help you shed those unwanted pounds: it also makes you healthier from head to toe.

    When you walk you improve your circulation, increase metabolism, flush out toxins though your sweat and build muscle tone. Increased circulation is good for your heart, while sweating contributes to healthy skin, hair and nails.

  • Walking Is A Family & Friend Sport

    Walking is a great way to get together with family and friends to do something fun and good for you. You can walk with your mom or grandma, which will help them stay healthy without you having to nag them, or team up with friends to walk and catch up on your days events. It's a great way to get the kids together and start them on a healthy track from when their young too!

    Through walking you can form stronger bonds with your loved ones, and help each other adopt a cleaner way of living. You can also encourage and push each other to keep going. you can even share your progress on you social media sites to connect with others and form a support network.

    Tips & Tricks To Start Walking

    • Invest In An Activity Tracker: An activity tracker is a great way to help you keep track of how much (or little) your walking each day. It can also motivate you by prompting you when you are inactive for too long.

      This is especially helpful for anyone with kids or those who are busy with work and tend to forget to move. Trackers are also a smart idea because you can program them to signal when you reach a daily goal (that you set).

      For advanced athletes trackers can help them come up with more challenging routines, track health stats or connect them with online coaches for advice.

    • Add Steps Whenever You Can: The trick to making walking apart of your routine is to do it in small, but life-changing ways. That means taking the steps instead of the elevator, walking to a store farther form your house and doing less seated activities.

      So walk during your lunch break or take a stroll after dinner- before you know it you'll be walking everywhere.

      For those who already walk try to challenge yourself by using ankle weights or speed walking in short intervals.

    • Make Walking Fun: Think of walking as something fun to do and approach it that way so you want to walk. So get a friend to walk with you, or put all your favorite songs on you iPod to listen to while walking.

      You can also walk in new places so you have interesting things to look at and discover. All these things will keep you interested and motivate you to keep going.

      For those already walking try walking in areas with more challenging terrain or explore new hiking trails to keep you motivated.

    Now that you know all about walking, you're ready to take the 30 Day Steps Challenge. By adding steps each day, you will build confidence, lose weight and become a healthier you.

    You can also help friends and family get in shape and best of all, you'll have fun while your doing it. So grab a friend- and tell your friend to grab a friend, and let's get stepping!

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